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Auger bits with square taper shank

Auger bits with square taper shank

Auger drill bits of bygone days for manual operation, ie, for use with a hand brace, had a square shank that was inserted into the square drive at the bottom of the drill chuck of the brace. This stopped the drill bit from slipping in the chuck. This type of drill bit has just about disappeared from the scene; your best chance of finding one is a flea market, though it is likely to be in a sorry state. Nowadays their use is justified if you have to drill without making a noise, if you need to work with special care and attention when drilling into a delicate workpiece, or if you simply want to enjoy working with wood in the way it was done in years gone by.

FISCH Jennings pattern auger bit with square taper shank FISCH Jennings pattern auger bit with square taper shank    

The Johann Eberhard LCC with its FISCH brand is known for high-quality drill bits for machine operation. Recently the company resumed production of these auger drill bits with square shanks for use in a hand brace, thanks to the demand by woodworkers who wished to work without power tools. This trend originated in North America; which is why these drill bits are produced for the American market and why they are sadly available only in imperial sizes. Nonetheless, we’ve decided to stock these items because there are users who are happy to use these sizes for their projects, and because we entertain the faint hope that the manufacturer may be persuaded to extend production to metric sizes.

These high-quality drill bits are far superior to their forerunners. There are two types of auger drill bits: the Jennings bit has a spiral without a centre, while the solid-centre bit has a continuous straight central core. The Jennings bit is better at removing drill chips, but is more expensive to produce. The manufacturer decided in favour of the Jennings variant with its superior chip removal properties.

A further advantage of these drill bits is the fine lead screw. Lead screws on auger drill bits have the job of pulling the drill bit into the wood, saving effort for the woodworker. The coarser the spiral thread of the lead screw, the faster the drill bit is drawn into the wood. While this is okay for general capentry work, it is not acceptable for joineries and cabinetmakers. That is why these drill bits have lead screws with a fine spiral thread for work that requires a gentle touch − in softwood but also in hardwood. Precisely fashioned spur cutters round off the overall good design.

Made in Austria.

Total length
Total length
1/4 6.35 9 229
Code 337100CartPrice € 31.90
5/16 7.94 9 229
Code 337101CartPrice € 32.30
3/8 9.52 9 229
Code 337102CartPrice € 32.50
1/2 12.70 9 229
Code 337103CartPrice € 33.90
9/16 14.28 9 229
Code 337104CartPrice € 35.70
5/8 15.88 9 229
Code 337105CartPrice € 35.90
3/4 19.05 9 229
Code 337106CartPrice € 36.90
7/8 22.23 9 229
Code 337107CartPrice € 37.90
1 25.4 9 229
Code 337108CartPrice € 38.90
Auger bits with square taper shaft from old stock Auger Bits

These auger bits come from a German tool factory which ceased trading some time ago. They have spent several years in storage, so they are unused and in prime condition.

Made for use in a hand brace with four jaws! Some spurs have small burrs which must be removed with a file (on inside only).

inch (approx.)
CodePrice Notes
Engraved on shank: "3/16" and "5 mm", correct is 5.4 mm!
195 100
Code 308201CartPrice € 0.95
Solid-centre auger with two spurs
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