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Plane Sacks

Plane Sacks

Plane Sacks

Plane Sacks
Veritas Plane Sacks
Made from a silicone-treated knit cotton that resists moisture, these sacks are ideal for plane storage. Designed much like a tube sock with a drawstring closure, they keep dust and dirt off planes and help deter rust. A tag on the outside of the sack lets you label the contents.

These black-colored sacks are printed with the Veritas logo and available in four lengths. The chart below lists the sizes and styles of planes that can be stored in each sack.

These sacks are 100 mm wide and this width can be stretched up to 180 mm.

Plane NOT included!
Size Fits Planes CodePrice
7-1/2 inch (190 mm) Block, apron, chisel, bullnose, medium shoulder, side rabbet, edge-trimming, and small router planes
Code 308780CartPrice € 10.95
12-1/2 inch (317 mm) All smoothing planes, scrub, router, large shoulder, small plow and scraping planes, and cabinet scraper
Code 308781CartPrice € 10.95
16 inch (406 mm) Nr. 5 planes, 5-1/4W junior jack, and low-angle jack planes
Code 308782CartPrice € 10.95
25 inch (635 mm) Nr. 6 fore, no. 7 and no. 8 jointer, and bevel-up jointer planes
Code 308783CartPrice € 10.95
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