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Sashimi Hocho, Yanagiba Hocho

Sashimi Hocho, Yanagiba Hocho - Japanese Fish Knife
Soba Kiri - Japanese Noodle Knife, Chinese Cleaver

Using these Sashimi or Yanagiba made of two layers of steel or made of Damascus steel turns filletting and carving into a pleasure. Hard carbon steel and toughened iron have been forge-welded. The mirror side of the blade is hollow ground to make sharpening easier.

Chinese kitchen is not imaginable without the typical large and wide knives, called Chinese Cleaver. However often the quality offered in the market has not been satisfying. Our Chinese Kitchen Knives are made by reputated Japanese Knifemakers and therefor best quality is quaranteed. If you want to cut your own noodles, have a look to our Soba Kiri.

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Fish Knife for righthanders
Economy type, sharpened on one side (the right). You can of course, also use these knives as your ordinary kitchen knife!
Manufacturer: Ikeuti
Blade thickness 3 mm
Blade length CodePrice
90 mm
Code 309030CartPrice € 20.90
105 mm
Code 309031CartPrice € 21.90
120 mm
Code 309032CartPrice € 23.90
150 mm
Code 309033CartPrice € 25.90
Yanagiba Hocho for righthanders
Professional Fish Knife, also called Shashimi slicer is to slice medium sized fish. Made of two layers of steel, sharpened on the right side. Ideal for Sushi making!
Manufacturer: Fujitora
Blade thickness 3 mm

Blade length CodePrice
210 mm
Code 309216CartPrice € 89.00
240 mm
Code 309217CartPrice € 109.00
300 mm
Code 309219CartPrice € 179.00
Chinese Cleaver - Chinese Knife
made of stainless Cobalt Alloy Steel, three layers, sharpened on both sides, with Bubinga handle. This is a professional top quality knife, made in Japan! If you not have been satisfied with your Chinese Cleaver, this is the right choise! Weight 500 g.
Manufacturer: Fujitora
Blade length 220 mm
Blade thickness 3.5 mm
Code 309204CartPrice € 189.00
Soba Kiri - Japanese Noodle Knife
This Soba Cutter is a great tool to cut your own noodles.
Made of one layer of stainless Molybdenum Vanadium Steel with traditional wooden handle. Best quality made in Japan! Weight 390 g. Manufacturer: Fujitora
Blade Length 240 mm
Blade thickness 2.8 mm
Code 309203CartPrice € 119.00

Also check the hand made Soba Kiri made by Katsushige Anryu.
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