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Various cast-iron planes

Various cast-iron planes

VERITAS Side Rabbet Plane

In an ideal world, every joint would fit perfectly the first time, and there’d be little use for a plane like this. However, in the real world, a side rabbet plane helps you make the "saves" we all have to make once in a while. It is used for cleaning up or trimming sidewalls of rabbets, dadoes or grooves to yield a perfect fit with its mate. It has a practical dual-blade configuration, coupled with an ingenious pivoting handle that permits right- or left-hand use to accommodate grain direction.

The thin sole functions much like a skate, allowing use in slots as narrow as 3/16 inch (5 mm) and to a depth of 1/2in. (13 mm) The toe is removable for use in stopped dadoes and has a fixing screw that is trapped to prevent loss. The depth stop helps orient and stabilize the plane during use and is both height adjustable and reversible (simply loosen the screw and rotate the stop without removing it from the body).

Guide d'instruction
Blade width 1/2 inch (13 mm)

VERITAS Side Rabbet Plane with O1 Carbon Steel Blade
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O1 Carbon Steel Replacement Blade left
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PM-V-11 Steel Replacement Blade left
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How left and right is defined at this plane!

O1 Carbon Steel Replacement Blade right
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PM-V-11 Steel Replacement Blade right
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VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane right
Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane right

VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane left
Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane left
VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane

Edge-trimming planes are used for final trimming cuts on jointed boards to ensure smooth edges at exactly 90° to the face, and for working end grain. In many instances you will need only one model; the appropriate choice is often based on which of your hands is dominant.

However, neither model is exclusively for left- or right-handed users, as the planes are in fact complementary. Having both right- and left-hand models becomes advantageous when you need to accommodate grain running in opposite directions on the same board, but have only one true reference face, such as when working on a length of molding.

The planes are durable ductile iron, with a 12° bed angle and 30° blade skew. The 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick blades are 1-1/4 inch(32 mm) wide to let you plane material up to 1 inch (25 mm) wide.

The depth-adjustment mechanism is a large thumb wheel and an independent traveller, resulting in fast and accurate depth setting with no blade skewing. Set screws along the side prevent the blade from shifting when knots are encountered.

The fence is drilled to allow blocks to be added or to affix a wooden wedge for cutting controlled bevels, such as in boatbuilding. Each weighs 1 lb 6 oz. (630 g) Enlargement

VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane right with A2 Tool Steel Blade
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VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane left with A2 Tool Steel Blade
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VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane right with PM-V11 Steel Blade
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VERITAS Iron Edge-Trimming Block Plane left with PM-V11 Steel Blade
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A2 Tool Steel Replacement Blade
fits both planes
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PM-V11 Tool Steel Replacement Blade
fits both planes
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Looking for VERITAS Miniature Edge Plane?
VERITAS Hinge Mortice Plane

This tool gives you the precise depth control of a router plane but with a long, narrow sole for good registration on door edges and other narrow workpieces. By establishing the edges with a chisel, you can cut a crisply defined mortise without the need for a template or jig - in many cases, more efficiently than a power router. The large slot in the body lets you clearly see where you're cutting.

Depth setting is quick and easy, with a fine screw-feed mechanism and the resulting depth of cut controlled by a locking depth stop. A spring-loaded blade-clamping collar prevents the blade from shifting when the collar is loosened, allowing controlled adjustment to a depth of 25 mm. It can also be set to fully release for quick blade removal.

Made from ductile cast iron, it has a 243 mm long, 46 mm wide sole, ground flat. The large wooden knobs are positioned with comfort and control in mind, with an angled rear knob to make it easier to push. The included 19 mm wide high-carbon steel cutter removes material quickly, and is interchangeable with the blades of the Veritas router plane. A blade sharpening jig for the two-piece blade is also included.

Measures 276 mm long overall and weighs 1070 g.
Guide d'instruction

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Repl. Blade for Hinge Mortice Plane
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VERITAS Spill Plane

Before matches became widely available in the 1860s, long, coiled wood shavings known as spills were used to transfer a flame from one location to another, such as from a fireplace to a candle, lantern or stove. Typically made using a special inverted plane, spills burn more slowly and consistently than paper, and also double as a convenient tinder material. Veritas based the design of a spill plane on an 1850s Edward Preston spill plane in their collection.

You simply push a piece of straight-grained softwood 5/8" to 3/4" (16 mm - 19 mm) wide over the blade, guiding it along a channel in the sole, to produce a long, tightly curled shaving. A 1/2" (13 mm) tall, 2-1/2" (63 mm) wide fence projects from the base to register against the edge of a bench, table or hearth; a screw-hole in the fence also allows it to be fastened to a block of wood and clamped in a vise.

Made from ductile cast iron with an O1 tool steel blade, the plane measures 8" (203 mm) long overall and weighs 1 lb 9 oz (580 g). An excellent gift for those with fireplaces or woodstoves, it is useful for starting fires as well as rekindling old traditions.

Material Selection: Flat-sawn, straight-grained wood that is free of knots, checks and cracks is essential. Pine is recommended but other soft woods, such as spruce and fir, may also be used.

VERITAS Spill Plane
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Spill Plane Replacement Blade
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