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Special Offers - Only while stocks last!

Special Offers - Only while stocks last!

Wood Rasp halfround with ergonomic gum handle

halbrund Wood Rasp halfround

Length Length with handle Cut Diameter CodePrice
200 mm 320 mm 1 = coarse bastard 20 x 8 mm

Reduced from * € 14.50

Code 314012CartPrice € 9.50

Set of 8 BORMAX Centre Drill Forstner Bits
Made by FAMAG

Ø 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 mm
in wooden box

The bit is designed to be used on soft woods, European hardwoods, particle board, and MDF. Do not use in exotic hardwoods. For exotic hardwoods please use the Bormax3

Each bit comes with short center point fixed into the main bit with an allen wrench (included). One pilot bit with diameter 4 mm and length 45 mm is included in the set.

Code 324752CartPrice € 231.25

Set of 5 Bormax3 Carbide tipped Forstner Bits andSet of 5 HSS-G Brad-point drills

2 Sets at one good price!

Set of 5 Bormax3 Carbide tipped Forstner Bits:
Ø 15-20-25-30-35 mm
in wooden box

Set of 5 HSS-G Brad-point drills:
Ø 3-4-5-6-8 mm
in blister package

Code 324750CartPrice € 175.00

Set of 6 Auger Bits with SDS-plus Shank - ONISHI

auger bits

6 pcs Set Auger Bits 10-12-14-16-18-20 mm with SDS-plus Shank in Wooden Box

Reduced from * € 59.90

Code 330650CartPrice € 49.90

OTORO Adjustable Fence

This fence with its fine adjustment will hugely ease your workload both on the shopfloor and on site. It is based on the ProGrip Straight Edge Clamp and Tool Guide and as such is quickly and securely clamped to any working surface by means of a cam lever. Attaching the two-part set of profiles provides stepless micro-positioning, allowing handheld circular saws or handheld routers to be employed with great precision.

Previously with a ProGrip clamp, when you had to readjust the position for, say, taking a cut with a circular saw, you had to loosen the cam lever of the clamp, realign everything and fix the clamp at its new position. It took a lot of skill (and possibly a bit of luck) to take an accurate cut every time. With this fence from OTORO, the ProGrip clamp stays put when you reposition the fence. All you move is the red part of the fence. You loosen the two thumbscrews and then shift the movable profile, in parallel to the fixed profile, along a diagonal line of contact having a ratio of 10:1. The lateral adjustment is easily read off the built-in scale, where each division represents an adjustment of 1/10 mm. This is an errorproof method for achieving the largest possible accuracy, not only when working with handheld circular saws and routers, but also with bench drills.

OTORO Adjustable Fence


Check this short video to see the fence at work.
As fence for a handheld router As fence for a handheld router
As fence for a handheld circular saw As fence for a handheld circular saw
function You can also use this highly adjustable fence for precise milling and routing when working with OTORO T-tracks. You can make final adjustments even while machining.

The secret is the 10:1 parallel shift.
Whenever you slide the movable red profile by, say, 10 mm to the left or right, the fence is shifted sideways by 1 mm. The fence is infinitely adjustable. The scales are graduated in mm and inches. The maximum positioning range is 15 mm.

Manufactured from aluminium, the fences are genuine lightweights. The 3-stage contact pressure of the cam lever is very high at the third stage. Both fences are 120 mm wide and just 18 mm high.

OTORO Adjustable Fence 610 mm
Clamping width max. 610 mm
Overall length 840 mm
Weight 2.5 kg

Reduced from * € 132.00

Code 330830CartPrice € 69.00
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