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Drill Stand

Drill Stand

A lack of space and/or a need for portability can make a conventional drill press impractical. In that case a drill stand, a lighter more mobile tool with which you can use a regular hand drill, can be indispensable. If you have experimented with inexpensive drill stands, you will know that they at best only reduce the margin of error when you need a straight hole. If you need to do precise work, and a quality drill press is out of the question, there is no other answer. You need a good quality drill stand, including a beefy steel column to ensure stability even when using larger drill diameters. It is also important to make sure the stand has enough drilling depth for your purposes.

BDS Drill Stand ZBS 100
BDS Drill Stand ZBS 100
Base, armateur and prismatic column are made of cast aluminum. Cogs, gearing and tracks are made of steel. Feed pressure can be seamlessly adjusted using 4 screws. The jig has a large handle on the back for easy carrying. One big advantage of this jig is the 180 mm drilling depth. Most jigs have much less than that. The base of the jig has a center hole of 33 mm, which allows for easy drilling of up to 30 mm diameter. The base is milled and unpolished. Please be aware of the somewhat smaller overhang of only 80 mm. The slots on the bottom are 12 mm wide and 135 mm apart.
View from the side with baseplate left
View from the side with baseplate right
European 43 mm neck size
Base plate in front of column 240 (left to right) x 220 mm (front to back)
Max drilling reach 80 mm
Height 300 - 450 mm
Drilling depth 180 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Allen key included
Code 300510CartPrice € 359.90
DUSS Precision Drill Stand KB 43
DUSS Precision Drill Stand KB 43
This machine weighs 15 kg and that tells most of the story. This is one substantial and solid tool. The table and armature are made of cast iron, the columns in steel. The moving parts run smoothly and there is no accuracy-destroying play in their movement. A 17 mm wrench is supplied with the unit to attach and adjust the elevation of the drill. Manufactured in Germany, the DUSS stand takes the European 43 mm neck size.
To fix a machine vise we recommend these 12 mm T-nuts with screw
Enlargement - right side
Enlargement - left side
Precision Drill Stand with Hand Drill
Drilling depth 120 mm or 180 mm
Rotating the drilling head around on the column, precise holes can be drilled in large objects, round bench dog holes in a work bench, for instance.
The pressure needed to use the stand can also be steplessly adjusted from light to heavy using a knurled thumb screw.
Maximum distance between table and drilling head 260 mm
Column height 410 mm resp. 470 mm
Column diameter 40 mm
Max drilling reach 170 mm (measured from center of column to center of drill bit)
Baseplate 200 x 300 mm
Work vice 150 x 150 mm
Track width 12.2 mm
Track depth 16 mm
Track width bottom (T area) 18 mm
Track height bottom (T area) 8.5 mm
Weight 15 kg
DUSS Precision Drill Stand KB 43 Drilling Depth 120 mm
Picture left
Code 300600CartPrice € 489.00

DUSS Precision Drill Stand KB 43 Drilling Depth 180 mm
Code 300601CartPrice € 639.00

What? So much money for a drill stand? For that much money, I could buy a drill press. That is correct, and you should buy a drill press if you have the place for a stationary table and do not need the DUSS's flexibility. But that is why they are made, for people who need the flexibility and mobility that they provide, and the precision and quality of work, equal to that of a good-quality drill press, that these top-quality tools are able to produce. But buying a drill press capable of producing the precision available from the DUSS stand might not save one any money in the end, and buying a lesser machine could be less than useless, as if there is any play in the works, it will often not be used. With the DUSS, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the best drill stand, currently produced, in the world.
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