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German framing squares

German framing squares

Will be translated soon! Hier finden Sie traditionelle mitteleuropäische Zimmermannswinkel mit großen Anreißlöchern um mit Zimmermannsstiften markieren zu können. Auch wenn Sie nur einen großen, jedoch peisgünstigen Winkel suchen, sind Sie hier richtig.

HEDUE Framing Square

The HEDUE framing square is made of stainless spring steel. The stainless steel is spotwelded at the corner (4 clean, flat-ground, spotwelds) and is has an unusual level of accuracy and quality for this type of tool. HEDUE's manufacturing standard for these squares is the right angle cannot be off more than 0.005 mm per centimeter of length. So for the 60 cm square, that works out to 0.3 mm, and for the 1 meter square it is 0.5 mm. The arms measure 35 mm by 1.2 mm, and 2.5 mm at the welded corner overlap.

The short arm of the square has marking holes spaced at 5 mm. The long arm features an easy-to-read scale both inside and outside. Click on the enlargement to have a closer look at the details.

Size CodePrice
600 x 280 mm
Code 307004CartPrice € 16.80
700 x 300 mm
Code 307005CartPrice € 17.70
800 x 320 mm
Code 307006CartPrice € 19.20
1000 x 380 mm
Code 307007CartPrice € 20.95
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