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WALDPONY Splitting Maul

WALDPONY Splitting Maul

WALDPONY Splitting Maul

This newly developed wood-splitting hammer is unique of its kind. There are three weight variants: a lightweight splitting axe, a heavy wood-splitting hammer and, with a top-up weight, an ultra-heavy wood-splitting hammer. A spanner converts the maul to the tool you need in a matter of seconds. The handle is not secured by a wedge - the traditional method for axes - but by screws. Four screws create a force-closed connection, a fifth screw passes through the handle and provides a positive connection. This innovative handle join seats the head absolutely securely. High-class workmanship. Made in Germany.

Product features:

  • Plastic striking face for high working safety also with aluminium or plastic wedges
  • Axe head of carbon steel with excellent cutting edge properties
  • Large wedge angle for efficient splitting avoids the axe head becoming lodged in the wood
  • Ash handle to dampen vibrations
  • Perfect-fit handle join which can be retightened anytime should the wood dry out and shrink
  • Handle protected by solid shaped sleeve
  • Spanner included
  • Leather sheath
  • Total length 90 cm

The product package contains everything you need:

  • Basic tool with handle 2.2 kg
  • Hammer head 1.4 kg
  • Top-up weight 1.3 kg
  • Spanner for assembly and disassembly
  • Leather sheath

Without hammer head and top-up weight, the basic tool weighs 2.2 kg (1.6 kg head weight), light enough for single-handed use as a splitting axe.

The maul weighs 4.9 kg with the hammer head and green top-up weight bolted on. This ultra-heavy variant is the nemesis of any trunk however knotted and gnarled.

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Warning! Protect yourself against accidents. Safety gloves, shin guards and eye protection are all indispensable. Wielding this wood-splitting hammer liberates large forces!
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