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Gimlets, Spoon Bits

Gimlets, Spoon Bits

High Quality Gimlets

This handy and quick-working gimlet comes from Japan. Whether you want to drill holes to take screws, hooks or nails, or simply would like to have a simple small drill at hand in your tool box, with this tool, you will always have a versatile helper that needs no electricity and will never let you down.

Close-up of high-quality gimlet tip

Diameter Cutting length CodePrice
3 mm 60 mm
Code 312620CartPrice € 5.95
4 mm 70 mm
Code 312621CartPrice € 5.95
5 mm 85 mm
Code 312622CartPrice € 5.95
6 mm 85 mm
Code 312623CartPrice € 5.95

Yotsume-Kiri Gimlet
Traditional Japanese handdrill for conical holes for predrilling when using headless wooden nails or bamboo nails. Also suitable for iron nails and screws.
With a square shank and four-sided tip
For hole diameter 2-2.5 mm
Shank length 40 mm
Total length 230 mm
Kiri wood handle
Code 319360CartPrice € 3.50

Mitsume-Kiri Gimlet
Suitable for iron nails and screws. The inside surface of the drilled holes is rough for the nails to get a better grip. The shank has a smaller diameter than the head to reduce the frictional resistance while drilling. For more information refer to the book Toshio Odate: Japanese Woodworking Tools, page 175. With a round shank and three-sided tip
For hole diameter 3-3.5 mm
Shank length 55 mm
Total length 230 mm
Kiri wood handle
Code 319361CartPrice € 3.50
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