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Framing squares accessories

Framing squares accessories

Will be translated soon! Rüsten Sie Ihren Zimmermannswinkel auf! Ob Winkelanschlag, Anschlagpunkte, Magnethalter oder Sicherheitssschnur: in jedem Falle vervollständigen Sie Ihre Ausrüstung auf sinnvolle Weise.

The STARRETT screw-on stair gage fixtures and the VERITAS fence turn any framing square into an accurate try square!

VERITAS Square Fence This square fence makes your framing square much easier to use. The face of the square fence aligns with the edge of the workpiece while the weight of of the framing square rests on the material. The square fence quickly and securely attaches to a framing square with two brass thumbscrews. Slide the framing square fully into the slot in the face square and tighten the two thumbscrews. Note: The dimensions as read on the leg of your framing square from the edge of the workpiece will be offset by 19 mm (3/4 inch), the slot depth of the square fence. It is recommended not to use a square with marking holes in connection with this fence, as the screws can slide into the holes. Comes without square!
Length 203 mm (8 inch)
Depth of slot 19 mm (3/4 inch)
Width of slot 6.3 mm (1/4 inch)
Code 307984CartPrice € 23.50
STARRETT Pair of hexagonal Stair Gage Fixtures These hexagonal Stair Gage Fixtures, clamped to a carpenter’s framing or rafter square forms a handy gage for laying out stair stringers, hip, valley, and other rafter cuts plus many other usual cuts.
  • Nickel plated hexagonal steel for strength and restistance to rust
  • Brass clamp screw to prevent marring the blade
  • Slotted to keep two opposite hexagonal faces at right angles to the edge of the square for true work contact and postive alignment with graduations
  • suitable for a blade thickness up to 4.5 mm
  • Overal diameter 21.5 mm
Code 306435CartPrice € 32.90
Magnetic carpenter’s square holder

This magnetic holder for Japanese carpenter’s squares is made by SHINWA. The holder is simply attached to the belt. It is constructed in such a way that the square snaps in and cannot slide around on the magnetic holder.

Square NOT included!

Note: Fits only squares made of material with a 20 x 2 mm cross section. Squares with different cross sections cannot snap in and can therefore not be held securely!

Squares with a cross section of 20 x 2 mm are:

Code 311110CartPrice € 9.90
Safety cord for Japanese carpenter’s square

Also from SHINWA is this safety cord made of a plastic-coated flexible wire. A metal square that drops from a great height can cause serious injury. It’s best to be safety-conscious and to secure your tools when working high above ground. You can also secure other tools besides squares with this safety cord, eg, spanners. A cord loop is enclosed for immediate use with a second tool.

Square and holder NOT included!

Note: only for squares with a hole which you find here: 311105, 309614, 311108
Code 311112CartPrice € 7.90
Stopper for SHINWA framing squares

Will be translated soon!
Mit diesem Stopper rüsten Sie Ihren SHINWA Zimmermannswinkel auf einfache und preiswerte Weise zu einem Streichmaß um. Dieser Stopper paßt auf jeden Winkel mit einem Materialquerschnitt von 20 x 2 mm. Hier finden Sie die Winkel für die dieser Stopper passt:

Hinweis: diesen Stopper empfehlen wir NICHT für die weiß pulverbeschichteten Winkel. Die Oberfläche könnte zerkratzt werden.

Die Anschlagseite des Stoppers ist 71 mm lang und liegt mit einer Tiefe von 7.5 mm am Werkstück an.

Gesamtmaß des Stoppers 75 x 40 x 14 mm

Example of use

Code 311114CartPrice € 9.95
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