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Finger Joint Assembly

Finger Joint Assembly

This router bit, designed to cut dainty little finger joints 4 mm thick, allows clean and exact work.

These Sistemi Klein router bits are Tungsten Carbide tipped (TCT). Due to its size the router should be mounted in a table.

Finger Joint Assembly with Ball Bearing
Finger Joint Assembly with Ball Bearing
Diameter D = 47.6 mm
Cutting length B = 36 mm
Cutting length cutter A 4 mm
Total length L = 96 mm
Shank S = 12 mm
Diameter of mounted Ball Bearing 28 mm
Number of teeth 3 per cutter
Max. 28000 rpm
Material TCT
Code 361594CartPrice € 97.00

These bits are made up of 5 cutting discs, each 4 mm thick, and ring-bearing spacers, also 4 mm thick. The bits can be used on pieces of between 22 and 45 mm wide. But disks and spacers can also be removed to cut thinner workpieces, see below. Click on the wide image below to see an enlargement.

The router bit is delivered assembled as shown in the image below. Also included in the package are two extra ring bearings, with diameters of 29 mm and 34 mm. These ringbearings are made of an outer hard plastic ring and an inner steel ball bearing ring with a hole of 8 mm diameter. For routing depths other than that of the 3 ring bearing spacers, you can use a router table stop, which can be adjusted to any needed depth.
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