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Portable Tools Boxes

Portable Tools Boxes

E.C.E. Portable "PraXsys" and "Top-tainer" made by ECE can be combined with the FESTO "Systainer" boxes.

  • Super-light-weight tool box holds cabinetmaker’s modern tools
  • Useful 28-piece tool collection is fitted into the "PraXsys" carrier
  • Tools remain in full view
  • You can customize the "PraXsys" top to accomodate additional tools.
  • Fits into the "Systainer" Classic Line and T-Loc, for transporting.

ECE offers 3 variants:

  1. You already own an empty "Systainer" (plastic box, originally made by FESTO)and you have got enough hand tools: Take only the wooden holder!
  2. You already own an empty "Systainer", but do not have enough tools: Take the wooden holder with set of 28 hand tools!
  3. You have nothing of the above? Take the complete "Top-tainer", containing the wooden holder, set of 28 hand tools and plastic "Systainer"!
Tool Holder "PraXsys" only
Tool Holder "PraXsys" only
ECE nr. 291 S
Weight 2.0 kg
Code 301260CartPrice € 99.00
Tool Holder "PraXsys" with set of 28 tools
Tool Holder "PraXsys" with set of 28 tools
ECE nr. 291 SW
Weight 7.0 kg
Tool list
Code 301261CartPrice € 669.00
"Top-tainer", contains wooden tool holder, set of 28 tools and "Systainer" T-Loc
ECE nr. 291 SWT
GWeight 9.6 kg
Code 301262CartPrice € 739.00

"Systainer" T-Loc - empty green box
ECE nr. 291 T
Code 301263CartPrice € 95.00
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