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FAMAG TCT wood twist drill bits

FAMAG TCT wood twist drill bits

New and as hard as you like on hardwood!

FAMAG Carbide-tipped Wood Spiral Drill Bit

The new FAMAG series 1593 TC-tipped wood twist drill bits.

Drilling exotic and especially hard woods always demands the utmost from the tools at your disposal. Twist drill bits are very suitable for this application because their geometry allows you to drill deep holes. Drilling into the very hardest woods can, however, lead to extreme heat build-up in the drill bit, putting an end to proceedings (and to the drill bit). This is often the result of using poorer-quality drill bits. But even very hard and sharp HSS drill bits can reach their limit under these conditions.

FAMAG Carbide-tipped Wood Spiral Drill Bit

Drilling in hardwood will as a rule produce short chips. It follows that hardwood chips will have a significantly lower volume than softwood chips. The spiral geometry of the drills for hardwood has to cope with completely different situations than drill bits designed for processing softwood, such as a Lewis pattern auger drill bit.

Famag has now created a new TC-tipped woodworking drill bit precisely for working on hardwood. The spiral on these drill bits has a very steep slope. Two flutes without guiding chamfers cause minimal friction in the bore and thus significantly reduce heat generation. The spiral geometry ensures that the hardwood chips are discharged quickly from the drill bit.

Tungsten carbide is resistant to heat and ideal for working with exotic hardwoods. The new drill series is provided with a hard-soldered tungsten carbide head! A custom-built CNC grinding machine provides these professional tools with two spurs, a centre point and two main cutting edges. Thanks to this universal geometry, the new TC-tipped drill bits are perfect for processing European and exotic hardwoods, coated and uncoated chipboard, laminates and hard plastics.

Famag series 1593 TC-tipped wood twist drill bits
Diameter mm Shank mm Total length mm Spiral length mm CodePrice
3 3 58 30
Code 324100CartPrice € 16.95
4 4 72 40
Code 324101CartPrice € 16.95
5 5 83 49
Code 324102CartPrice € 17.50
6 6 90 54
Code 324103CartPrice € 19.50
7 7 106 66
Code 324104CartPrice € 20.50
8 8 114 72
Code 324105CartPrice € 21.20
9 9 122 78
Code 324106CartPrice € 25.50
Diameter Shank Total length Spiral length CodePrice
10 10 130 84
Code 324107CartPrice € 26.90
11 11 139 91
Code 324108CartPrice € 26.90
12 12 148 98
Code 324109CartPrice € 29.95
Series 1593 5-pc set Drill bit sizes: Ø 3/4/5/6/8 mm
Supplied in plastic box
Code 324120CartPrice € 69.00
Series 1593 7-pc set Drill bit sizes: Ø 3/4/5/6/8/10/12 mm
Supplied in wooden box
Code 324121CartPrice € 99.95
Series 1593 10-pc set Drill bit sizes: Ø 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 mm
Supplied in wooden box
Code 324122CartPrice € 159.00
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