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Handheld Bit Holders

Handheld Bit Holders

If your toolkit gets too heavy because of the number of screwdrivers you’re carrying, you may want to consider changing to a system where you simply insert a bit into a handheld bit holder with quick-release chuck. WERA offers several high-quality bit holders, one with a ratchet.

The sets all sport the proven WERA Kraftform handle, where your whole hand gets to grips with the handle. The smooth, hard zones (black) turn smoothly through your hand when regripping to enable unusually high working speeds. The grippy, soft zones (green) provide optimal contact areas for the hand to generate high turning moments.

The Rapidaptor quick-release chuck with rapid-in, rapid-out, rapid-spin, chuck-all und single-hand function plus magnet supports bit swapping at lightning speed.

WERA 813 R Handheld Bit Holder with Rapidaptor Quick-Release Chuck
Total length 90 mm
Handle length 70 mm
Diameter at widest point 21 mm

Code 326100CartPrice € 14.50

WERA 816 R Handheld Bit Holder with Rapidaptor Quick-Release Chuck
Total length; 119 mm
Handle length 99 mm
Diameter at widest point 33 mm

Code 326101CartPrice € 18.50

WERA 816 RA Handheld Ratchet Bit Holder with Rapidaptor Quick-Release Chuck
With ratchet function, fine-tooth design for minimal return angle, switchover ring (right, locked, left)
Total length 142 mm
Ratchet handle length 115 mm
Diameter at widest point 36 mm

Code 326102CartPrice € 31.90
Veritas Magnetic Screwdriver Handle

Veritas designed this screwdriver handle to securely hold common 1/4 inch hex bits. A rare-earth magnet holds bits in place in the chuck as the collet is tightened for a rattle-free grip. The collet depth is just under 16 mm, shallow enough for a 25 mm long bit but deep enough to hold longer bits securely.

Like the Veritas PM-V11 steel chisels, the shank and handle are connected with both a tang and a socket-like ferrule, though in the driver both are made from stainless steel. The torrefied maple handle has a triangular shape that fits comfortably in the hand and keeps the driver from rolling off a bench.

Measures 162 mm long overall, not including the bit. Handle diameter 32 mm. Sure to become a favorite.

Made in Canada. Bits on pictures NOT included!

Code 325190CartPrice € 39.50
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