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Try Squares, Saddle Squares, Double Squares, Graduated Steel Squares

Try Squares, Saddle Squares, Double Squares, Graduated Steel Squares

It is a matter of constant amazement that so many manufacturers are simply not capable of producing an accurate try square. Maybe the reason is that there is no standard set, in Germany at least, for these squares. On the whole, however, the old rule of thumb obtains: the accuracy varies with the amount you are willing to pay for your square. In addition, it is worth taking note whether the manufacturer is prepared to stand by a published quality standard. But: it can even be a cause of irritation, for each cut of the saw will alter the stresses in the timber and the angles or the edge to lay the square on will vary. The choice of quality in squares should match the task and the material.

Rosewood, brass, hardened steel - these are the materials used by the small CROWN factory in Sheffield to make their pleasing squares and bevels. The standard they are made to is BRITISH STANDARD. Try squares are permitted a tolerance of only 0.01 mm per cm of steel blade under BRITISH STANDARD 3322 - i.e. no more than 0.3 mm on a 305 mm try square. The measurements given relate to the inside edge of the steel blade.

ECE precision squares have a blue spring steel blade with a mm scale. The rosewood stock and the spring steel are riveted together with 4 brass rivets. Both the internal and external edges of the stock have a brass strip inserted into a double groove. ECE guarantees the accuracy to +- 0.1 mm over the length of the steel blade. The measurements given relate to the inside edge of the steel blade.

Something special are the double squares made by Starrett. The sliding blades are adustable making it more practical for a wide variety of uses than a common square with fixed blade.

Have a look to our acrylic try square made in Japan! To be found at the bottom of this page!

Click on the pictures to see enlargements of the try squares!

If you are interested in a try square with wood parts, please read why carpenter’s squares with wood parts must be stored in dry areas! If you consider the squares on this page as too small, why not to improve a large framing square with a Veritas fence?

CROWN Try Squares
made in Sheffield, England

Blade length Order nr.Price
75 mm Currently not in stock!
Order nr. 303225Cart
Price € 16.90
100 mm
Order nr. 303226CartPrice € 16.90
152 mm
Order nr. 303227CartPrice € 19.95
229 mm
Order nr. 303228CartPrice € 24.50
305 mm
Order nr. 303229CartPrice € 32.50
ECE Precision Squares
made in Remscheid, Germany
The best choise when you are searching for a try square! These squares come with rosewood handle.
Dry storage required to maintain accuracy!

Blade length Order nr.Price
150 mm
Order nr. 301120CartPrice € 36.90
200 mm
Order nr. 301121CartPrice € 41.90
250 mm
Order nr. 301122CartPrice € 47.90
300 mm
Order nr. 301123CartPrice € 52.90
350 mm
Order nr. 301124CartPrice € 59.90
400 mm
Order nr. 301125CartPrice € 66.90
600 mm
Order nr. 301119CartPrice € 125.90
ECE Try Square with additional function for parallel marking
This square saves a second tool. The marking holes have a distance of 5 mm.
See how to use
Blade 200 mm long with lasered mm scale
Handle made of beechwood with brass rail
Diameter of marking holes: 2 mm
Order nr. 301118CartPrice € 37.90
E.C.E. Tool Set "Measuring and Marking"
This tool set consists of:
1 precision try square with mitre 300 mm nr. 301128 (ECE-nr. 410)
1 precision bevel 300 mm nr. 301130 (ECE-nr. 411)
1 marking gauge with lignum vitae nr. 301137 (ECE-nr. 217 P)
1 pencil, oval 240 mm
1 folding rule 2000 mm
in wooden box
Order nr. 301289CartPrice € 165.00
Graduated Steel Square
These robust stainless steel squares are versatile tools for measuring and marking. The blades are deeply edged with both Imperial and metric scales in 1 mm and 1/16 in. graduations respectively. Graduations cover inside and outside measurements, so it is easy to start from the edge of a workpiece.Enlargement! When youturn the square, you can see the side with inch graduation.

Order nr.Price
118 mm
4-5/8 inch
100 mm
4 inch
80 mm
3 inch
Order nr. 300160CartPrice € 8.95
170 mm
6-3/4 inch
150 mm
6 inch
120 mm
5 inch
Order nr. 300161CartPrice € 11.95
STARRETT Double Square with hardened blade - small edition
The sliding blades are adjustable making it more practical for a wide variety of uses than a common square with fixed blade. The faces of the head are ground square. The blade can be used as steel rule.
The graduations are edged deeply and easy to read and are to read on ...
the 1st side: 1/2 mm and 1 mm from left to right
the 2nd side: both edges 1 mm from left to right
Blade: 100 x 16,3 x 1.6 mm
Overall size 100 x 62.8 mm
Order nr. 306426CartPrice € 59.90
STARRETT Double Square with hardened blade - large edition
STARRETT Double Square with hardened blade - large edition
The graduations are edged deeply and easy to read and are to read on ...
the 1st side: 1/2mm and 1mm from left to right
the 2nd side: both edges 1 mm from left to right
Blade: 150 x 25.4 x 2.0 mm
Overall size 150 x 97.4 mm
Order nr. 306428CartPrice € 72.50

Have a look to the STARRETT-combination squares. Important: The parts of Combination squares and Double squares cannot be interchanged due to different thicknesses of blade and face!

Acrylic Try Square
Acrylic Try Square
Over all size 100 x 72 mm,
Width/thickness of blade: 20 x 4 mm,
Width/thickness of fence 25 x 15 mm,
Blade with mm-graduation starting from the end of the blade.
Due to the inserted vial you can use this try square as accurate spirit level too.
Order nr. 312134CartPrice € 22.00
Small Try Square - from Japan
With precise inside and outside graduation 15 and 11 cm, asthetically pleasing.
Order nr. 309600CartPrice € 19.50
Saddle Square
Saddle Square
Transferring a line from one surface to another perpendicular surface with a small square is never easy. Wrap this line around all faces and you'll see how far off you can be from your start position. This saddle square solves this problem by allowing you to scribe two perpendicular surfaces at a time. More important, it allows you to pick up on a line already scribed, and accurately transfer it to another face perpendicular to it. Made of aluminium.
Short inside leg: 32 mm = 1-1/4 in.
Long inside leg: 57 mm = 2-1/4 in.
Width: 50 mm = 2 in.
Order nr. 307993CartPrice € 14.90
Large Saddle Square
Large Saddle Square
This version has a slot machined through the center to help lay out stud locations. Simply mark the centers of your studs on top and bottom plate, then place the square so that the slot is on the center mark. Mark both sides of the saddle square to give accurate and square stud locations.
Short inside leg: 35 mm = 1-3/8 in.
Long inside leg: 86 mm = 3-3/8 in.
Width: 38 mm = 1-1/2 in.
Order nr. 307994CartPrice € 17.50

Also seeVeritas dovetail markers 1:6 und 1:8!
Veritas Sliding Square Metric
These cabinetmaker's squares are used to lay out or transfer measurements quickly and accurately — you always have an ample reference face against your work without having to flop the square. This also simplifies working in two axes at once, substantially reducing the chance of error when measuring and marking two dimensions.

The stainless-steel blade is 3 inch (77 mm) wide and 6 inch (152 mm) long, machine ground on all four edges. The metric model is graduated to 100 mm along both edges and across one end to 70 mm.

Each has a matte finish, which makes it easy to read by reducing glare, and also lets you mark dimensions on it with a pencil. The diamond cut-out in the blade holds a pencil tip in position for drawing lines parallel to an edge. The locking mechanism has a notched pin like those on combination squares, with the blade bearing on polished, hardened steel reference pins set in the body. Accurate and well made. Rules can be purchased separately.
Order nr. 308852CartPrice € 37.50
Veritas Sliding Square Ruler Metric
Without fence the blade only can be used as versatile and accurate ruler with precise scales on 3 sides which are rectangular to each other.
Order nr. 308853CartPrice € 14.95
INCRA Guaranteed Squares
The one-piece design uses the most advanced manufacturing methods available to carve out a single, monolithic blade/handle body from a solid slab of hardened aluminum. This means you won’t see the alignment errors that can happen when a separate blade is manually assembled to a separate handle, as in the more common two-piece design.

The solid construction of the Squares just feels right in the palm of your hand. And unlike conventional two–piece designs, the layout angle of this rigid, one–piece body won’t get "bent out of shape" when you drop it! The gold and red hardened anodized surface is not only durable, but beautiful, and it won’t tarnish like brass. Combine this with modern, functional styling and you’ve got a tool that is worthy of the most prominent location in your display cabinet (when you’re not using it, of course).
Accuracy: 0.001 inch (0.03 mm) maximum deviation along the full length of the blade.

INCRA Guaranteed Square 5 inch
Order nr. 314905CartPrice € 75.00

INCRA Guaranteed Square 7 inch
Order nr. 314906CartPrice € 93.00

Specification Incra squares
314905 5-1/2 inch
139.7 mm
1 inch
25.4 mm
1/4 inch
6.35 mm
4 inch
101.6 mm
1-1/2 inch
38.1 mm
3/4 inch
19.05 mm
314906 7-5/16 inch
185.7 mm
1-1/2 inch
38.1 mm
1/4 inch
6.35 mm
5-1/2 inch
139.7 mm
1-1/2 inch
38.1 mm
3/4 inch
19.05 mm
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