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Corner Cutting Chisels, Paring Chisels, Swan Neck Chisels, Cranked Chisels, Butt Chisels, Shoji Chisels

Corner Cutting Chisels, Paring Chisels, Swan Neck Chisels, Cranked Chisels, Butt Chisels, Shoji Chisels

Special chisels for the job that is beyond your ordinary chisel.
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TWO CHERRIES Swan Neck Chisel
Though these chisels with their swan neck are little known in Germany they are commonly found in Old England. They are an excellent tool for cleaning out deep mortises - the base can be scraped out reasonably tidily.

Blade width CodePrice
6 mm
Code 303904CartPrice € 33.50
10 mm
Code 303905CartPrice € 33.50
12 mm
Code 303906CartPrice € 39.50
TWO CHERRIES Cranked Paring Chisel
Chisels with cranked blade. Very useful to clean rabbets right to the corner.

Blade width CodePrice
16 mm
Code 303907CartPrice € 21.50
20 mm
Code 303908CartPrice € 24.90
TWO CHERRIES Pair Chisels bent with skewed Blade
With these chisels TWO CHERRIES has developed a versatile tool for precise paring within larger surfaces. The sharp point is useful for corner cutting and cleaning.
Total length 270 mm
Come as pair only - right and left!

Blade width CodePrice
12 mm
Code 304175CartPrice € 40.50
20 mm
Code 304176CartPrice € 46.50
26 mm
Code 304177CartPrice € 52.90
TWO CHERRIES Chisel bent with Spear Point Blade
As above but with spear point blade.
Total length 270 mm

Blade width CodePrice
12 mm
Code 304180CartPrice € 20.50
20 mm Currently not in stock!
Code 304181Cart Price € 23.50
26 mm
Code 304182CartPrice € 26.50
CROWN Cranked Paring Chisel
Made from hardened and tempered carbon steel, these Sheffield made chisels have rosewood handles with brass ferrules. Used mainly for hand paring and for reaching into deep areas otherwise not accessible.

Blade width CodePrice
19 mm This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303280CartPrice € 54.90
Mori Nomi - Japanese Harpoon Chisel
This chisel is used to cut and clean out blind mortises. In Japan, they do not like the look of endgrain wood, and so mortises are not usually cut through the wood, but left blind. The harpoon chisel is used with normal chisels or with a gouge. In cutting mortices, the splinters are not completely eliminated after rough cutting with a chisel. The harpoon chisel can be use to clean the inside of the mortise. The mirror side of the blade is guided along the wall of the mortise and when it hits the bottom, one gives it a light tap with a mallet. When the chisel is pulled out, the harpoon or barbed side pulls out the waste wood. This chisel is used most frequently in building Shoji screens.
Blade width 5 mm
Length of harpoon hook 14 mm
Total length 237 mm
Code 310200CartPrice € 45.90
Sokosari Nomi - Japanese Bottom Cleaning Chisel
When a mortise has been cut almost to the desired depth, the remaining wood at the bottom can be removed with this simple tool. Because the cutting edge lies at a 90-degree angle to the shank, one can work in small mortices with precision. Before using this chisel, the remaining wood at the bottom of the mortise should be nicked or cut with a normal chisel. This iron should only be manipulated by hand, and never struck with a hammer.
Blade width 5.5 - 6 mm
Size of mirror side 6 x 5 mm
Total length 235 mm
Code 310202CartPrice € 43.90
Kama Nomi - Japanese Sickle Chisel
This chisel, sharpened on both sides, is good for cleaning out the interior of all pointed corners. For example, fine cutting and cleaning blind dovetails. It is also useful for widening the plane blade slots in wooden Japanese plane body: its shape makes the side slots easy to reach. In general this chisel is useful for cleaning-up in angled or tight and difficult-to-reach places.
Length of sickle blade 15 mm
Total length 240 mm
Code 310201CartPrice € 43.90
Corner Chisel
Corner Chisel
Many hinges and bolts have square corners, but your router leaves rounded corners. Place in the corner and strike with the hammer and you get a 90° corner. The waste you clean out with a chisel. H.S.S. blade, resharpenable, blade width 10 mm, total length 75 mm only.
Code 300207CartPrice € 11.90
2-Cut - Multitool made by TWO CHERRIES
The first universal tool from TWO CHERRIES comes with 2 cutting edges - front and side - at last one tool for mortising, cutting, scraping, peeling, notching, slitting, marking.

The quality cutting edges are ground on both sides and mirror bright polished. The usable length is hardened in salt bath up to 60 HRC. The handle can be striked with plastic or wooden mallet. This is a universal tool for carpenters, roofers, cabinet makers, carvers, drywallers, hardwood floor installers, maintenance engineers, do-it-yourselfers. The front edge is 26 mm wide, the side cutting edge 90 mm long.
2Cut in micro-fiber holster with belt loop
Peeling and splitting with the 2Cut
Cutting and slitting with the 2Cut
Carving and scribing with the 2Cut
Chiseling and mortising with the 2Cut
Holster is included! Inside the micro-fiber holster with belt loop the 2-Cut is always nearby and the cutting edges are well protected.
Code 304135CartPrice € 29.90
Set of 4 CROWN Butt Chisels
ideal for very precise hand cutting and paring of joints. This set comes in a card box or wooden box.
Total length only 150 mm (6 inch)
Blade width 6/13/19/25 mm
in paper box
This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303269CartPrice € 85.00

Blade width 6/13/19/25 mm
in wooden box
This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303270CartPrice € 119.00
Total length 165 mm (6-1/2 inch)
Blade width CodePrice
6 mm
Code 303985CartPrice € 15.90
12 mm
Code 303986CartPrice € 15.90
20 mm
Code 303987CartPrice € 17.90
26 mm
Code 303988CartPrice € 19.90
Set of 4
6/12/20/26 mm in paper box
Code 303989CartPrice € 67.50
CROWN Paring Chisel
are used mainly for hand paring when fitting joints and for reaching into deep areas otherwise not accessible. Usually paring chisels you do not stroke with a hammer. You only use your hands, one hand guides the cutting action, the other hand pushes the chisel. Blade length 230 mm!

Blade width CodePrice
13 mm This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303257CartPrice € 48.90
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