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Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

December 2016 KAIZEN Foam Veritas Worksurface and Accessories Mortise Chisel Adapter
for Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide
NAREX Wood Rasps NAREX Chisels November 2016 VERITAS Miniature Bevel-up Smooth Plane Sharpener for Carpenter Pencils and Wax Crayons EXPERT Permanent Marker EXPERT Deep Hole Marker Long Nose Screw Removal Pliers PZ-60 ENGINEER Laser Distance Meter Leica DISTO D1 BINDAN-P Propeller Glue BINDAN Glue Trowel ZOBO Drilling System 3 Chromium Steel ZOBO Drilling System 3 Tungsten Carbide Titebond Instant Bond October 2016 Wooden Jaws for Front Vices Extracting screws with a damaged head September 2016 Twist Drill Grinding Gauges EXPERT DRY Marking Pencil WERA Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Spanners DUBUQUE Bar Clamps GluBot and BabeBot Glue Bottles Swisstool – The Ultimate Multi-tool Victorinox BIKETOOL Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Pouches for Pocket Knives VICTORINOX foldable Pocket Scissors August 2016 JUUMA Pipe Clamp for 3/4 inch pipes Saw Depth Stop VERITAS SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bits Rotary Percussion Masonry Drill Bits Glass and Tile Drill Bits MHG Chisels with side bevel ground down to mirror side PICARD Locksmith' Hammer New Azebiki Nokogiri July 2016 New Ink Line Marker Pocket Tapes "Talmeter" Scales Drawing Tools DVD: Carving Love Spoons / Murray Taylor DVD: Introduction To Letter Carving / Murray Taylor WERA Long Bits for Screws WERA Compact Screwdriver Sets WERA Hand Holder for Bits New SHINWA Inspection Magnifier New WERA Bit Sets BESSEY Malleable Cast Iron Screw Clamps with 2-component Plastic Handle Sanding Pads June 2016 FAMAG HSS-G Brad-point Drill Bits Series 1597 Slow Adjusters for Veritas Bevel-Up Planes QuickBit Flat Wood Bits VERITAS Trammel Points Sanding Plate with Two-component handle with Foam Rubber Surface and Fastening Clips YORK Spindles for Moxon Vice YORK Moxon Vice with wooden Jaws and 2 Spindles PICARD Soft-Faced Hammer PICARD Claw Hammer with Leather Handle IWASAKI Carving File cranked New "old" Gimlets Dog Hole Bushing for 19 mm Holes FAMAG 19 mm Machine Drill Bit ZOBO Drilling System 2 Chromium Steel ZOBO Drilling System 2 Tungsten Carbide ZOBO System 2 Accessories ZOBO Drill Sets May 2016 TORMEK T-8 Wet Grinding Wheel SHINWA Japanese Framing Square Mini Try Square WALDPONY Splitting Maul Jaw Braces with two-jaw chucks and three-jaw chucks PAX Veneer Saw made by Thomas Flinn Smaller Thomas Flinn Hand Saws April 2016 Aluminium Precision Spirit Levels Wooden Push Stick, MICROJIG Push Block Knee Guards Dowel Pins Dowel Rods Safety Scraper Variable Angle Fence for Veritas Rabbet Planes Purfling Cutter VERITAS Miniature Cabinet Scraper Plunge Base for Rotary Tools Adjustable Spanners Shelf and Corner Clamps Titebond Wood Glue March 2016 Dubuque Variable-angle Wooden Clamps Rebate Cutter with Insert Knives Profile Gauge 2 x 200 mm February 2016 TWO CHERRIES Set of 3 Cabinet Scrapers in Leather Bag Dog Hole Bushing for 20mm Holes Set of 10 Japanese Blue Steel Mini Chisels with Ebony Handle Set of 10 Japanese Blue Steel Mini Chisels with White Oak Handle Japanese Blue Steel Dovetail Chisels Slant Card Level made by EBISU DIAMOND January 2016 INCRA Miter 5000
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