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Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

October 2019 New Japanese Pruning Shears Japanese Tailor's Shears made of Aogami steel September 2019 ANEX screwdriver Japanese long bench plane with red oak (Akagashi) body by Nomizu Mokko Japanese hedge shears with 300 mm long blades Klemmsia 90° Clamps Klemmsia Color Clamps New Nagura stones Planer knives Toroku hammers Silbergleit, dry lubricant for woodworking machines 460 mm long FAMAG brad-point drills Katsuko Tanaka kitchen knives with nashiji finish August 2019 Narex marking knives NAREX Woodcarving Sets Narex carving knives Wood Blanks Set of 7 Narex screwdrivers Narex mortise chisel KLEMMSIA Adapter Basic mini workpiece hold-down Japanese Bar Clamps Opening 750 mm and 900 mm Dubuque Handscrew Kits PZ-78 Combination Pliers with Screw Removal Function from ENGINEER Screw removal locking pliers PZ-64 from ENGINEER JessEm Mite-R-Excel II Improved FAMAG Drilling Jigs July 2019 MOKUBA Wrecking bar with striking surface MOKUBA SDS-plus floor scraper Woodworking vices without speed clamping Goko Hamono Kitchen Knives NALBIE Safety Knife with automatic blade retraction NALBIE Safety Scraper with 89 mm wide exchangeable Blade Veritas Pocket Plane Blade Roll for Veritas Router and Hinge Mortise Planes June 2019 New Wabasami scissors FAMAG Auger Bits length 235 mm May 2019 VERITAS Shooting Board Titebond II Extend Wood Glue 1 gallon April 2019 LIOGIER Handle Maker's Rasp curved Jaw Brace DeLuxe with integral ratchet MIYANAGA Poly-Clic FRP TCT Core Bits
with Automatic Lock
Bowl and Countertop Trim Bits MIYANAGA Tile Drill Bits KLEMMSIA Workbench Adapter FISCHER Climate Meter February 2019 HANDY UTILITY H-200 Kataba KEIBA S-025 circlip pliers Higonokami – traditional Japanese pocket knife MHG Cranked Paring Chisel Hardwood Saws with exchangeable blades Spiral Trimming Cutters JESSEM MAST-R-LIFT EXCEL II January 2019 Free E-book by Friedrich Kollenrott: Sharpening chisel and plane blades BENCHCRAFTED Swing Away Seat Insert Knives DLC coated for Trimming Cutters JESSEM Precision Marking Gauge VERITAS Platform Saddles
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