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Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

Latest Additions to our Tool Catalog

November 2018 Paint Marker October 2018 Japanese Micro-Kataba Nagao Higonokami - Traditional Japanese pocket knive Tenon Cutters TCT SJÖBERGS Cupboard for workbench JUNIOR Ballistol multipurpose grease Ballistol Antifriction Spray Ballistol Honing Oil Folding Rule length 2.4 m September 2018 SHIBANO Chisels VERITAS Panel Platform Kit Construction site saws August 2018 VERITAS carver's knife Depth stop set with 5 guide bushings for FAMAG Forstner bits Adhesive-backed Steel Measuring Tape with "0"-point in the middle Steel measuring tape with adhesive backing for vertical read-out July 2018 FAMAG Hardwood Auger Bit Series 1493 NAREX Chisel Set in Canvas Tool Roll WOOD LINE PROFI NAREX Chisel Set in Canvas Tool Roll WOOD LINE PLUS NAREX canvas tool pouch for 5 + 1 tools TORMEK diamond wheels SHINWA Japanese framing square rigid 60 cm Large vernier calipers 5-Pc pliers set in Nylon bag VERITAS Mortise Chisels PM-V11 Steel VERITAS Wooden Bench Plane Hardware Kits VERITAS Set of 4 Special Bench Bolts and Nuts June 2018 KliKlamp systainer with 16 KliKlamp Texturing Blades for Veritas Scrub Plane Wile Plane Hammer made by Veritas LOEHER Countersink FISCH Jennings pattern auger bit
with square taper shank
May 2018 Japanese claw hammers with rubber grip DOGYU Pry Bar 300 mm with wide spatula Dust Collecting Pads for drill bits and hole saws Pocket Tape SMART GEAR Trimming Cutters with upper ball bearing and shank 8 mm Insert Trimming Cutters with two ball bearings April 2018 Sharpening Stone KING WIDER Sharpening Stone KING HYPER VERITAS Blade Honing Compound BESSEY GearKlamp Kugihiki and Mawashibiki added to our small Japanese traditional saws Multi Purpose Drill Bits NISHIGAKI Lopping Shears Long Reach Pruning Shears STAR-M Quick Adjustable Circle Cutter STAR-M Small Circle Cutter AJAX Workshop Files March 2018 Set of 10 Silicone Chisel Guards Cherry Blank for VERITAS Wooden Spokeshave Kit Counterbore Tool for FAMAG Auger Bits Veritas Magnetic Screwdriver Handle 4 Piece Double Locking Caster Set for JESSEM Rout-R-Table Stand CLIFTON Spokeshave no. 600 February 2018 Screw Removal Locking Pliers Mill saw file with round edges Pocket Tape Steel Rule TOUGH GEAR with Belt Clip FAMAG Bormax Prima long Series 1614 Bessey Table Clamps Depth Stop for VERITAS Skew Block Plane VERITAS Quick Release Wonder Dog FAMAG Drill Bit Set with Countersink and Depth Stop Traditional Mini-Kataba with wooden handle Natural Sharpening Stones from Kyushu January 2018 Japanese Keyhole Saw "Lifesaw" Z-Saw "Anabiki Noko" for large workpieces FAMAG Bormax 8 - 11 mm Small YORK vice with jaw width 63 mm MORA Carving Knife No. 122 width straight blade Slide Nut with thread M8 suitable for INCRA T-Tracks VERITAS Bench Axe NANIWA Knife Sharpening Guide Clip Slide Nut for Aweso T-tracks with thread M8 IWASAKI Bed Floats SHIMIZU Garden and Grit Trowels SHINWA Thermometer with Sensor Magnifying Glass with 15x Magnification with Focus Setting SHINWA Teleskopic Magnetic Pick-up Tool SHINWA Highly Flexible Spring Tape Measure FISCH Brad Point Twist Drills inch LIOGIER Combi Float
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