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Cabinet scrapers

Cabinet scrapers

KUNZ Cabinet Scraper No. 80 The blade has the same shape as a scraper and should be sharpened like a scraper
Bevel 90°
Blade width 70 mm
Code 301604CartPrice € 33.90

Replacement Blade
Code 301605CartPrice € 5.90
VERITAS Cabinet Scraper This cabinet scraper is a very useful and versatile tool. Used in place of a much heavier belt sander, it can clean a dirty workbench top, remove dried glue and smooth a panel or tricky grain table top efficiently, leaving behind a surface free of tear-out, digs or gouges.
Bevel 45°
Blade width 70 mm (2-3/4 inch)
Code 307923CartPrice € 72.00

Replacement Blade
Code 307924CartPrice € 11.90
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