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Other Workbench Hardware

Other Workbench Hardware

VERITAS Set of 4 Special Bench Bolts and Nuts

Most European benches use a bolt system to fasten leg sets to stretchers. The main advantage is that you can snug the bolts if anything loosens due to changes in humidity.

The solid brass nuts on the VERITAS bench bolts slide into a pre-drilled hole in the stretcher, and distribute pressure to prevent breakout. A bench can be made very rigid (without complex joinery) by using a wide stretcher, since the stretcher is bolted into position.

The steel bolts are 152 mm long and 12.7 mm in diameter. The nuts are 25 mm x 25 mm and are made for a 25.4 mm hole. They also fit in a 25 mm hole as the nuts are slightly undersized. Thread is 1/2 x 13 UNC.

Made in Canada

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