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FROST Swedish Carving Knives

Swedish FROST Carving Knives

Knives from Mora in Sweden have had an excellent reputation for more than 100 years. These tools are well balanced in the relation of their aesthetics, the quality of their steel, their usefulness and especially their price.

FROST uses a variety of steels. The laminated carbon steel consists of three layers: one very hard layer for the cutting edge, hardened to HRC 61, with a softer steel on each side. The blade is extremely sharp and remains so, but is relatively elastic all the same and does not tend to break. They are very easy to sharpen!

The carbon steel blades are hardened to HRC 59 - 60. They are easy to sharpen but not too elastic. Neither type of blade is stainless, which is an advantage as stainless steel blades are much more difficult to sharpen.

Click pictures for enlargements and to see the sheath, if applicable! The knives No. 137 and No. 73 are nice Outdoor knives!

Carving Knife No. 105
Laminated steel, without sheath
Blade length 79 mm
Order nr. 307380CartPrice € 17.90
Carving Knife No. 120
Laminated steel, plastic sheath
Blade length 58 mm
Order nr. 307381CartPrice € 17.90
Carving Knife No. 106
Laminated steel, plastic sheath
Blade length 82 mm
Order nr. 307382CartPrice € 17.90
Carving Knife No. 73
Carbon steel, with small handle, suitable for people with small hands, with plastic sheath to carry on belt.
Blade length 75 mm
Nice outdoor knife!
Order nr. 307384CartPrice € 26.90
Hook Knife No. 162
Carbon steel, without sheath, cuts on both sides, narrow hook!
Order nr. 307392CartPrice € 22.90
Hook Knife No. 163
Carbon steel, without sheath, light hook, cuts on both sides,!
Order nr. 307393CartPrice € 22.90
Hook Knife No. 164
Carbon steel, without sheath, cuts on one side, hook with tip
Order nr. 307394CartPrice € 22.90
Farrier’s Knife right no. 171RH
stainless steel, without sheath, total length 203 mm, very useful for hollow carving too.
Order nr. 307397CartPrice € 15.90
Farrier’s Knife left no. 171RL
stainless steel, without sheath, total length 203 mm
Order nr. 307396CartPrice € 15.90
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