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Mawashibiki - Keyhole Saws

Mawashibiki - Keyhole Saw

Keyhole saws are used to make narrow curves or to enlarge holes or give them the wished form which are made with a drill bit. Be carefully in using: As the blade is thin and narrow they are in danger of bending when used unproperly.

Japanese Keyhole Saw (Mawashibiki) Rugged design, leaves a relatively rough finish.

Japanese Keyhole Saw

Blade length 180 mm
Blade thickness 1.2 mm
Pitch 14 TPI (1.8 mm)
Kerf 1.5 mm
Code 312007CartPrice € 9.90
Japanese Keyhole Saw "Lifesaw"

These saws feature replaceable blades and are a genuine alternative to traditional keyhole saws. Because of the saw’s slender blade, anyone working with this type of saw will have encountered the occasional mishap, such as the blade breaking or bending. Replacement blades are affordable and quickly substituted. You won’t even need a screwdriver, a small coin will do. So it’s best to order a few extra blades while you’re about it! All blades are 0.9 mm thick, leave a 1.3 mm wide cut and have a tooth pitch of 1.6 mm. The saw is supplied with a tough plastic sheath for storing the saw blade.

Keyhole Saw

Description/blade length Blade width (middle) Total length CodePrice
Keyhole Saw 80 mm 8 mm 230 mm
Code 313700CartPrice € 13.90
Repl. blade 80 mm
Code 313701CartPrice € 7.90
Keyhole Saw 150 mm 11 mm 300 mm
Code 313702CartPrice € 14.90
Repl. blade 150 mm
Code 313703CartPrice € 8.90
Keyhole Saw 210 mm 12 mm 360 mm
Code 313704CartPrice € 15.90
Repl. blade 210 mm
Code 313705CartPrice € 9.90
Craftsman Mawashibiki (Keyhole Saw)

The blade is very delicate and can bend or break if used carelessly, especially in thicker stock. The maximum material thickness we recommend is 10 mm, but experienced or skilful workers can extend this margin. Leaves a fine finish

Craftsman diagonal

Blade length 130 mm
Length of teeth row 75 mm
Blade thickness 0.5 mm
Blade width max 12 mm
Tang thickness up to 0.9 mm
Kerf 0.6 mm
Pitch 23 TPI (1.1 mm)
Code 313535CartPrice € 35.90
Traditional Mini-Mawashibiki with wooden handle Mawashibiki
Total length 300 mm
Blade length 120 mm
Blade thickness 1.0 mm
Kerf 1.3 mm
Pitch 1.5 mm
Code 312042CartPrice € 18.50

This small traditional Mawashibiki, also called a keyhole saw, is used for sawing curves in wood!
Blade is not replaceable!

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