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Kugihiki - Japanese Flush Cutting Saws

Kugihiki - Japanese Flush Cutting Saws

Kugihiki saws are for sawing off dowels close to the surface without damaging. There is no saw set or saw set only at the upper side.

HISHIKA Kugihiki DeLuxe Kugihiki

One of the finest saws for sawing off dowels close to the surface without damaging it. You can make extreme demands on this saw: it will give you a superbly clean cut and virtually no damage to the surface. The cutting blade is thinner towards the tip than towards the back, and the shaft gets thicker towards the handle. On the one hand, this gives more stability to the very thin saw and on the other, there will be less danger of the saw jamming when it is cutting close to the main surface.

Use Blade
Pitch Total
Flush cutting 180 mm 0.3 - 0.55 mm 1 mm 1.0 mm 51 cm
Code 312063CartPrice € 39.00
Flush cutting 240 mm 0.5 - 0.6 mm 1.1 mm 1.5 mm 61 cm
Code 312062CartPrice € 49.00
Craftsman Kugihiki (Flush Cutting Saw) Craftsman Kugihiki (Flush Cutting Saw)

This traditionally made and relatively small saw made by Daizo Mitsukawa is designed for those working in very fine woodcrafts. The saw blade is completely hardened and permit a very clean cut. This saw is light as a feather, and aside from their high utility, is also a pleasure for both the eye and the hand.

Blade length 162 mm
Length of teeth row 135 mm
Blade thickness 0.35 mm
Blade width front 40 mm
Blade width near handle 36 mm
Tang thickness: bis 0.75 mm
Pitch 25 TPI (1.0 mm)
Currently not in stock!
Code 313534Cart Price € 55.90

More information
Traditional Mini-Kugihiki with wooden handle Kugihiki
Total length 320 mm
Blade length 120 mm
Blade length including tang 140 mm
Blade thickness 0,4 mm
Kerf 0.4 mm (no saw set)
Pitch 1.0 mm
Currently not in stock!
Code 312044Cart Price € 22.50

This small traditional Kugihiki saws off dowels clean and fast, flush with the surface!
Blade is not replaceable!

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