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Bindan Wood Glue

Bindan Wood Glue

For over 80 years, Bindulin in Fürth, Germany, has been producing high-quality wood glues under the brand name Bindan.

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Bottle 100 g Bindulin’s propeller glue is a non-toxic, high-quality synthetic resin glue without extenders and fillers and without solvents or formaldehyde. Bindan-P propeller glue can be used for all wood joints. The glued joints are transparent after drying and are guaranteed mould- and water-resistant.
Water-resistant to D3: suitable for indoor areas with frequent intermittent water impact or with higher air humidity, and for outdoor areas not exposed directly to the elements.
Glue open time 5 -10 min
Press time at 20°C: approx. 30 min
Hand-tight after approx. 20 min, final strength after approx. 10 h
Consumption approx. 120-150 g/m² (use use glue trowel)
Consumption for tongue and groove joints approx. 30 g/m

Code 200300CartPrice € 4.95
Base price € 49.50 per litre

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Plastic Tin 800 g As above, but in a larger container.

Code 200305CartPrice € 12.95
Base price € 16.19 per litre
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