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Bindan Wood Glue

Bindan Wood Glue

For over 80 years, Bindulin in Fürth, Germany, has been producing high-quality wood glues under the brand name Bindan.


Order glue in good time before the winter! We will not ship these glues when temperatures fall below 0 °C here in Berlin, Germany, because freezing temperatures in transit could damage it.

The temperature at the recipient’s address could be below freezing even if the temperature here in Berlin is above 0 °C. We cannot be responsible for monitoring local temperatures. So please check your local forecast and do not order glue if temperatures below 0 °C are expected.

If you are planning to collect the glue direct from our shop, you can do this throughout the year during our opening times, because our warehouse is heated.

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Bottle 100 g

Bindulin’s propeller glue is a non-toxic, high-quality synthetic resin glue without extenders and fillers and without solvents or formaldehyde. Bindan-P propeller glue can be used for all wood joints. The glued joints are transparent after drying and are guaranteed mould- and water-resistant.

Water-resistant to D3: suitable for indoor areas with frequent intermittent water impact or with higher air humidity, and for outdoor areas not exposed directly to the elements.

Glue open time 5 -10 min
Press time at 20°C: approx. 30 min
Hand-tight after approx. 20 min, final strength after approx. 10 h
Consumption approx. 120-150 g/m² (use use glue trowel)
Consumption for tongue and groove joints approx. 30 g/m

Code 200300CartPrice € 3.99

Base price € 39.90 per kg

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Bottle 525 g

Code 200303CartPrice € 8.95

Base price € 17.05 per kg

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Plastic Tin 800 g

Code 200305CartPrice € 10.95

Base price € 13.69 per kg

BINDAN-P Propeller Glue, Bottle 1000 g

Code 200306CartPrice € 13.95

Base price € 13.95 per kg

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