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Household Shears, Shop Shears, Universal Shears

Household Shears, Shop Shears, Universal Shears

VICTORINOX Universal Shears
These all-purpose scissors lie comfortably in the hand and stay sharp for a long time. Use the pivot screw to adjust the ease of movement. Hardened to 55 HRC.
Total length 220 mm
Cutting length 92 mm
Code 341380CartPrice € 11.80
Cooking Shears, rustproof, separable blades
These puristic cooking shears are rustproof and have separable shear blades. The blades can be separated by opening the shears more than 110° degrees; this is useful for cleaning the shears in the dishwasher and for disinfecting.

The shears can be used like a knife and will cut chives as easily as meat.

Caution: Do NOT use on bones, frozen foods, metal, wire or thicker items.

Made in Sanjo, Japan by TORIBE

Total length 203 mm
Cutting length 75 mm
Weight 150 g
Steel: SUS330
Code 309205CartPrice € 39.90

Picture bottom left: At an opening angle of 110° the two scissor blades can be separated without tools for cleaning.
VICTORINOX foldable Pocket Scissors
When it comes to quality and stabilty these small pocket scissors will steal a march on many scissors with fixed blades. Extremely handy and useful not only when travelling, these scissors will prove a reliable companion for decades to come.
Total length 95 mm
Cutting length 26 mm
Dimensions folded 53 x 25 x 5.5 mm
Supplied in a leather pouch
Code 341390CartPrice € 53.00
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