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Plumb Bobs

Plumb Bobs

SHINWA Plumb Bob

Plumb bobs from SHINWA have a highly visible yellow tip made of iron. The product package includes a yellow protective rubber cap that protects the tip. A black rubber sleeve around the body of the plumb bob prevents nearby walls from being marked or getting damaged. The large weight relative to its size means the wind stability of these plumb bobs is high and they will stop swinging much faster than comparable plumb bobs.

Plumb Bob Weight 200 g
Diameter 32 mm
Length of body 88 mm
Total length including ring 115 mm
Code 311072CartPrice € 9.90

Plumb Bob Weight 400 g
Diameter 36 mm
Length of body 122 mm
Total length including ring 150 mm
Code 311073CartPrice € 13.90
VERITAS Plumb Bob and Case
VERITAS Plumb Bob and Case Whether you need it for plumbing a set-up in your drill press, for base alignment work, or just to park on your desk to play with, a finely made plumb bob is a tool that can be enjoyed in many ways. This Veritas Plumb Bob is not only beautiful but very functional; the bob fits into a case that is a tip protector and a cord spool; the case also holds a special collet so that the bob can readily be used for drill-press alignment work.

The bob is 50 mm (2 inch) long and is held in the 25 mm (1 inch) diameter case. Compact, functional, and well designed.
Solid brass. Cord and drawstring bag included.
Weight 150 g
Code 307957CartPrice € 28.90
VERITAS Flat Bob Some concepts are embarrassingly obvious once you see them in practice. So it is with the Flat-Bob. The most common use of plumb bobs is next to a wall, yet round plumb bobs roll around endlessly, making it nearly impossible to get an accurate line. The Flat-Bob doesn't roll and, because it has a very low center of gravity, it stabilizes rapidly. Because it is thin, the point is easily visible from above, again not the case with a regular bob. The body design also makes accurate marking much easier. You can press it against the wall as you mark a line dead center through the body slot.

Whether you use this in construction, for plumbing cabinetry or for wallpaper jobs, it can easily pay for itself the first day. All brass fittings on a precision-molded nylon body. Example of use
85 mm (3-3/4 inch) long overall.
Weight 70 g
Code 307958CartPrice € 21.90
Plumb Bob Holder Pro Auto-Rewind with Plumb Bob 400 g SHINWA This plumb bob setter can be easily attached in many places:
  • On metal with a strong neodymium magnet
  • On wood with a setting pin mechanism. Easily removable
  • On concrete by hooking onto nails or studs
  • Cinch onto flat metal frames
  • for plumb line flush with surface via plumb line diversion
The included plummet weighs 400 g and the line is 5m long. The automatic rewinder keeps the plumb bob in balance and can be stopped via an adjusting lever, when using heavy plummets. The elastomer housing is virtually crushproof and weighs 225 g. Other plummets from 100 g to 1000 g can also be attached.
Size 125 x 100 x 35 mm
Size of plummet 156 x 36 mm
Code 311071CartPrice € 39.90

Plumb Bob Holder Junior Auto-Rewind with Plumb Bob 200 g SHINWA The smaller and lighter version of the Pro Plumb Bob, with the same features. Can be attached to wood via setting pin or to metal via neodymium magnet. Plumb line diverter for plumb line flush to surface is also included. The crushproof plastic housing weighs 200 g. The included plummet has a weight of 200 g. Plummets ranging between 100 g-400 g can be used.
Size 87 x 82 x 27 mm
Size of plummet 121 x 32 mm
Code 311070CartPrice € 28.90
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