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Soft-Faced Hammers

Soft-Faced Hammers

PICARD Soft-Faced Hammer
The Picard Soft-Faced Hammer has nylon faces, a steel pipe and a rubber handle. The nylon faces are easy on the workpiece and cushion the blow. A cavity in the hammer head is partially filled with small steel balls that effectively prevents hammer recoil. At the moment of impact the balls are flung to the lower end of the cavity. This dynamic force prevents the hammer head from bouncing back. And it gives you more control over the hammer, especially if you need to strike in restrained fashion.

Soft-Faced Hammer 400 g
Head weight: 400 g
Total weight: 600 g
Head diameter: 32 mm
Head length: 110 mm
Code 302948CartPrice € 47.90

Soft-Faced Hammer 700 g
Head weight: 700 g
Total weight: 820 g
Head diameter: 42 mm
Head length: 115 mm
Currently not in stock!
Code 302950Cart
Price € 55.90
Replacement Nylon Faces for PICARD Soft-Faced Hammer

Replacement Nylon Face for Soft-Faced Hammer 400g
Diameter: 32 mm
Price for 1 piece
Code 302955CartPrice € 6.50

Replacement Nylon Face for Soft-Faced Hammer 700g
Diameter: 42 mm
Price for 1 piece
Code 302957CartPrice € 8.90
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