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Large Sliding Bevels

Large Sliding Bevels

Any time you want to set or transfer an angle on a work piece, as well as measure an angle, you can use this sliding bevel. This bevel for carpenters has a stock, a blade and a locking device that can be set seamlessly to any angle.

Large SHINWA Sliding Bevels with Protractor

Large SHINWA Sliding Bevels with Protractor
These bevels made of aluminum have a metric scale on the inside of the stop. On the outside is a graduated scale for an exact adjustment of the angle. Because of this, you can use the bevel as a protractor as well. The angle can be set with the knurled screw.

Another advantage of this bevel is the possibility to extent the blade beyond 180┬░ for exact symmetrical measurements.

The 30 mm x 3 mm blade profile ensures easy marking. You can use a pencil to make markings on the aluminum, which is easily erased with a finger. The blade can also be used as a stop for a small circular hand saw if necessary. The stop profile is 30 mm x 5 mm. Available in three sizes.

Large SHINWA Sliding Bevels with Protractor
Blade length Body length Scale length Size closed CodePrice
315 mm 355 mm 300 mm 355 x 30 x 23 mm
Code 310370CartPrice € 39.90
465 mm 505 mm 450 mm 505 x 30 x 23 mm
Code 310371CartPrice € 44.90
615 mm 655 mm 600 mm 655 x 30 x 23 mm
Code 310372CartPrice € 54.90
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