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Sliding Bevels, Bevel Setter

Sliding Bevels, Bevel Setter

A sliding T bevel is an adjustable gauge for setting and transferring angles. The handle of our sliding bevels is made of wood and is connected to a steel blade. The blade can be locked at any angle by loosening or tightening a thumbscrew or wing nut.

CROWN Sliding Bevels Bamboo composite, brass, hardened steel - these are the materials used by the small CROWN factory in Sheffield to make their pleasing and well put together bevels. The measurements given relate to the length of the steel blade.

Blade length CodePrice
100 mm
Code 303212CartPrice € 14.90

Blade length CodePrice
190 mm
Code 303216CartPrice € 23.90
229 mm
Code 303217CartPrice € 26.90
267 mm Currently not in stock!
Code 303218Cart Price € 29.90
ECE Precision Sliding Bevels Precision bevels made by ECE have a U-shaped brass profile all round them to protect against the sort of damage that can lead to inaccuracy. Blue steel blade and rosewood handle.

Blade length CodePrice
250 mm This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 301129CartPrice € 53.00
300 mm This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 301130CartPrice € 59.00
SHINWA Sliding Bevel The handle is made out of solid aluminium and the blade is steel. The blade is adjusted by a thumbscrew at the back of the handle.
Blade length 250 mm
Handle size 152 x 24 x 16 mm
Code 311061CartPrice € 19.90
SHINWA Sliding Bevels, Japanese Type These bevels are extremely flat and fit into any tool box. They feature a steel handle and blade as well as a brass adjustment screw.

Japanese Type Sliding Bevel, Blade length 150 mm
Handle size 182 x 14 x 5.5 mm
Code 311065CartPrice € 11.90

Japanese Type Sliding Bevel, Blade length 220 mm
Handle size 250 x 19 x 6 mm
Code 311066CartPrice € 14.90
ECE Wooden Sliding Bevel Very recommended for larger workpieces, hornbeam is oiled.
Blade length 350 mm
Code 301135CartPrice € 32.00
STARRETT Universal Sliding Bevel This universal bevel has both offset and straight slots in the blade, in combination with straight slots in the stock that asllow for a wide variety of adjustment and angle settings that are impossible to obtain with many ordinary bevels. The stock is only 5 mm thick and much more flat than an aordinary bevel. Made of steel.
Length of blade 150 mm
Width/thickness of blade 19 x 1.2 mm
Length of stock 90 mm
Width/thickness of stock 19 x 5.2 mm
Code 306415CartPrice € 98.00
VERITAS Bevel Setter with metric rule
A sliding bevel is an excellent tool for transferring angles but not for reading them. This bevel setter lets you set specific angles (from 0 ° to 60 ° in 1/2 ° increments) on a sliding bevel or a workpiece as well as read angles already set. Both functions are useful for dovetailing, for machine set-up, for polygon work, or for accurately fitting a piece in a restricted location. Common dovetail and polygon angles are highlighted on the reverse side.

The etched stainless-steel blade is 3 inch wide and 7 inch long. It is both easier to use and more accurate than a protractor in the same applications. View
Code 307871CartPrice € 33.50
VERITAS Bevel Setter with imperial rule As above, but inch graduation View
Sliding bevel not included!
Code 307872CartPrice € 33.50
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