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Whetstone holder

Whetstone holder

Note: These whetstone holders smell either strongly or less strongly of rubber. In the past it was easy to categorise whetstone holders: the cheaper ones smelt stronger, the more expensive ones smelled less strongly or hardly at all. Our recent experience shows that this situation has obviously changed.

The smell volatizes with time. However, if you are sensitive to odours, this assurance is unlikely to satisfy you. Following a smell test performed on June 15, 2018, we have this tip for you: the least smell is exuded by whetstone holders from Japan with code 309800. Less sensitive testers detected hardly any smell at all here.
Whetstone holder made in Taiwan

This whetstone holder will hold all sharpening stones 150 to 220 mm in length. Width of rubber feet 70 mm. Two rubber feet keep the holder firmly planted. The rubber blocks glide with some play.

Code 300024CartPrice € 15.90
24+ items each € 14.31
Whetstone holder made in Japan

This whetstone holder will hold all sharpening stones from 185 to 220 mm in length. Width of rubber feet 70 mm. Two rubber feet keep the holder firmly planted. Precicly machined, the rubber blocks glide without play, high precision threads.
Winner of the smell test! This one smells the least!

Code 309800CartPrice € 28.50
Spring-action water stone holder made in Japan

This grinding stone holder does away with tightening screws. The stone is clamped securely by the rustproof stainless steel springs.

For water stones from 180 to 210 mm in length
Width of rubber feet 75 mm

Code 313645CartPrice € 29.95
Whetstone holder made in Japan with hidden spring action

The stone is held by a hidden spring on the underside. The third rubber foot in the middle is very useful for thin stones that are more likely to snap under pressure.

For stones from 178 to 250 mm in length
Width of rubber feet 78 mm

Code 309801CartPrice € 36.90
Naniwa sink bridge

This sharpening stone holder is placed across a sink so that you can keep both stones and workplace clean with running water. The holder has soft rubber pads under the ends to avoid scratching the sink edges. This stainless steel stone holder is very strong and stable.

The holder can be used on sinks from 400 to 546 mm wide, measured from front to back. If your sink is less than 400 mm wide, the sliding stainless steel profile can be shortened by up to 70 mm (using a hacksaw or angle grinder). It is not suitable for sinks less than 330 mm wide.

It takes stones from 203 to 257 mm in length. Shorter stones can be accommodated by inserting a customized spacer.

More ...

Note: Water stone NOT included!

Code 313230CartPrice € 79.00
Suehiro DeLuxe stone holder

The largest sharpening stone holder in our shop clearly offers a better grip with its larger surface. Stones that are wider than the holding surface can also be securely held, for instance a King giant stone, which is 230 mm long by 100 mm wide. Even stones that come with a glued-on base will benefit from the Suehiro DeLuxe holder, because often the glued-on bases do not provide enough slip resistance. Now you can clamp these stones directly in the holder. It takes just one thumb screw for quick and easy stone changes.

For stones from 142 to 250 mm in length
Clamping surface width 86 mm, slip-proof

Code 312075CartPrice € 47.50
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