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Demolition tools: crowbars, pry bars and nail pullers

Demolition tools: crowbars, pry bars and nail pullers

Mokuba wrecking bar with striking surface

These extremely rugged wrecking bars and crowbars are just the ticket whenever something has to be lifted, moved, knocked off or broken into. Both the cranked and straight versions are also suitable for chiselling work; the strike plate on the end can take any number of heavy blows. The soft plastic grip helps to reduce jarring for the hand holding the bar. Don’t show yourself on site without one of these! Made by Mokuba in Miki City, Japan.

Striking surface

Blade width Total length Form CodePrice
40 mm 220 mm cranked
Code 330710CartPrice € 12.50
40 mm 300 mm cranked
Code 330711CartPrice € 17.50
45 mm 400 mm cranked
Code 330712CartPrice € 22.50
45 mm 500 mm cranked
Code 330713CartPrice € 24.90
45 mm 600 mm cranked
Code 330714CartPrice € 29.50
40 mm 220 mm straight
Code 330720CartPrice € 12.50
40 mm 300 mm straight
Code 330721CartPrice € 17.50

Left: straight version
Right: cranked version

The TOVE Crowbar

has been manufactured by GRÄNSFORS BRUKS, the Swedish forge, since 1942. It is made entirely of a specially composed spring steel alloy and hardened throughout its length. It comes in five sizes. It has an extreme stability for its weight and length.

"Statens Maskinprovningar", the Swedish Institute, tested it and found that the steel will cope with tremendous strain without bowing or breaking. Both ends have been ground down thin to get it easily under boards and planks. At both ends, the surfaces in contact with the stock are broad and shiny smooth, so that damage to working surfaces is kept to a minimum. The V-shaped notch is precision-ground and will get out a huge variety of shapes and size of nail. The shape and the properties of TOVE crowbar are a model for today - this is what a real nail claw should look like.

  1. Extreme strength in relation to their length and low weight. In tests performed by the National Swedish Institute for Material Testing, the wrecking bars were found to withstand extreme strain without yielding
  2. The chisel end and the nail claw end are both sharpened so the edges can easily be wedged behind ledge planks, mouldings etc.
  3. The nail claw has a precision angled V-slot design to allow nails to be pulled regardless of the size of the head
  4. The sizes are not 100 % exact since Tove wrecking bars are hand forged. Manufactured since 1942
Size Weight CodePrice
27.5 cm 0.4 kg
Code 307300CartPrice € 48.00
50 cm 0.9 kg
Code 307301CartPrice € 52.00
62.5 cm 1.4 kg
Code 307302CartPrice € 59.00
70 cm 1.8 kg
Code 307303CartPrice € 72.00
90 cm 2.5 kg
Code 307304CartPrice € 87.00
DOGYU Pry Bars with wide spatula These pry bars are available in 4 sizes and come with a broad spatula with V-slot to catch nails. Not only for nails - with this tool you can do any kind of disassembly. You can pry off fence boards and remove delicate trims without damage. The opposite end is a standard nail puller.

Length Width of
150 mm 35 mm
Code 312800CartPrice € 12.90
200 mm 45 mm
Code 312801CartPrice € 14.90
250 mm 45 mm
Code 312802CartPrice € 15.90
300 mm 50 mm
Code 312803CartPrice € 16.90
Hand forged Small Pry Bar with wide spatula Made by Magomitsu, Japan. Very rustic appearance! Sizes can vary a bit due to hand forging process.

Length Width of
180 mm 21 mm
Code 323390CartPrice € 28.50
210 mm 30 mm
Code 323391CartPrice € 31.50
240 mm 30 mm
Code 323392CartPrice € 33.50
DOGYU Nail Puller with wide spatula Weighing no more than 85 g, this nail puller with its wide spatula is primarily suited for pulling out smaller nails with head diameter up to 2 mm. The V-slit is 2.5 mm wide and 4 mm deep. The edge of the 35 mm wide spatula is not ground down but approx. 1 mm thick, an advantage when dealing with more delicate workpieces. Ideal for adjusting and lifting maneuvers when erecting or repairing Fusuma room dividers.
Length 190 mm
Width of spatula 35 mm
Code 312807CartPrice € 8.90
BAKUMA Nail Puller Length 360 mm
Code 309331CartPrice € 24.90
BAKUMA Nail Puller Length 160 mm
used in Upholstery, Furniture Restoring, Cabinetmaking.
Code 309330CartPrice € 13.90
Nail Puller with Nail Set

in Japan this tri-functional tool is called Kugishime where it is a must in every tool box. Here, too, no tool box should be without one - seeing it not only does duty as nail puller and nail set but also comes in handy as a small hammer.
Application example

Nail Puller with Nail Set
Length 220 mm
Total weight 160 g
Code 312805CartPrice € 12.90

Nail Puller with Nail Set
Length 275 mm
Total weight 330 g
Code 312806CartPrice € 15.90
Nail Puller stainless

These rustproof nails pullers from Japan do double duty as small hammers. The two nail claws are precision-forged and can be driven even under deeply embedded nail heads with careful hammer blows. The nail claws are ground to a thin edge for maximum grip and leverage. Thanks to their rustproof property these tools will still look pristine even after a long service life.

Nail Puller stainless
Length 160 mm
Total weight 90 g
Max. nail diameter 2 mm
Code 312832CartPrice € 39.90

Nail Puller stainless
Length 210 mm
Total weight 170 g
Max. nail diameter 3 mm
Code 312834CartPrice € 46.90

Nail Puller stainless
Length 360 mm
Total weight 620 g
Max. nail diameter 4 mm
Code 312837CartPrice € 79.90
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