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The router is a very versatile tool. A router can easily be used to cut rebates and grooves, round edges, cut elegant profiles, flush trim veneers and laminates, make cutouts, and much more. You can clamp the workpiece in place and free-hand route the shape you’d like using a paralel fence, or a copy ring. Conversely you can mount the router in a table, and push the workpiece past the router.

Because routers are always used at very high RPMs, there are some special safety rules to be followed. The cutting head must be clamped for at least 2/3 of its shaft length into the router’s chuck, the work piece must be firmly clamped in place when you use the router freehand, or the router must be securely mounted to the router table when you would like to move the workpiece by hand past the router bit. It is also very important that, freehand, or using a router table, the cutting is done against the spin of the router bit. Be careful to use good-quality bits that are undamaged and sharp. Investing in carbide bits, as opposed to HHS bits, is almost always a good investment, as the carbide bits will last many times as long.

The routers we sell are intended for the German market. If you want to use them outside Germany please read this note for use of our routers outside Germany

Plunge-type electronic router. Their main benefits are: Linear ball bearing for super-smooth plunge action. Ergonomically contoured knob style handles. Powerful cutting with the continuous rating input.

Collet capacity 12 mm
Reducing sleeve 8 mm
Reducing sleeve 6 mm
Assembly tools
Fence with fine adjustment
In Systainer

Technical data:
Input wattage 2300 W
No Load Speed 9000 - 22000 1/min
Plunge capacity 0 - 70 mm
Weight 6 kg

Makita nr. RP2300FCXJ
Code 351000CartPrice € 599.00

AEG Router MF 1400 KE
The combo router system is two routers in one and comes complete with a fixed base and plunge base as standard to compliment chosen applications specifically. The fixed base is ideal for straight cuts and moldings whilst the plunge base is suited to internal cuts and kitchen worktop surfaces. Supplied with a 8 mm and 12 mm collet to suit varied magnitudes of applications the AEG MF 1400 KE combo router offers complete versatility and performance at all times.

The MF 1400 KE combo router has integrated electronics for optimum control in a wide range of materials and a soft start to prevent sudden kickbacks. The built electronic variable speed helps to control and maintain safety when using cutters that have a maximum speed rating. The Unit's soft grip handles help suppress vibration levels and offer the user greater comfort whilst in operation.

Switching between the two base options, fixed and plunge, gives the user total flexibility, performance and accuracy throughout applications. The fixed Base has a unique clear panel design to heighten project visibility and improve the quality of finish. An added integral work light also improves the clarity of the cutting surface for use in lower light conditions. The two column roller bearing plunge base provides smooth and accurate plunging during cuts. The MF1400 KE combo router can be easily connected to external extraction systems via the base and side ports for a cleaner and safer work environment.

Bit changeover has never been so easy with the MF 1400 KE combo routers ingenious unique features. A flat housing head allows the tool to sit flat with the base up coupled with a spindle lock for fast and safe bit changeovers. The unit comes complete with 5 exchangeable guide templates (17, 24, 27, 30 and 40 mm) for use with a whole host of templates and guides.

Collet 12 mm
Collet 8 mm
Transportation bag
5 guide templates
3 dust extraction adaptors
2 wrenches
Oval and round base

Technical data:
Input wattage 1400 W
No Load Speed 10000 - 23000 1/min
Plunge capacity 64 mm
Weight 5.7 kg
Diameter of cylindrical motor housing 92 mm
Total length including collet 240 mm

AEG nr. MF1400KE
Currently not in stock!
Code 351150Cart Price € 449.00
Collet for AEG Router MF 1400 KE
Collet 1/2 inch with Cap Nut
Code 351171CartPrice € 24.90

Collet 8 mm with Cap Nut
Code 351174CartPrice € 24.90

Collet 12 mm with Cap Nut
Code 351175CartPrice € 24.90
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