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Utility knives, stationary knives, retractable blade knives

Utility knives, stationary knives, retractable blade knives

Nalbie safety knife with automatic blade retraction

Safety is the prime consideration when working with this cutter. Push the ribbed slider forward with your thumb to expose the blade. Release the slider and the blade retracts automatically into the housing. Puts an end to the danger of open cutters lying around in the workplace! Suitable for many applications: opening packaging, cutting carpeting, etc. Supplied with a 60 mm long quality blade equivalent to SK2 steel. Maximum length of visible cutting edge 20 mm. Blade made in Japan, housing made in Taiwan.

Total length 147 mm
Weight 110 g
Zinc alloy housing
ABS plastic slider

Code 302325CartPrice € 9.50

10 Pc Set NALBIE Cutter Blades

60 x 19 x 0.6 mm
Fits NALBIE safety knife and other cutters structurally identical.
Steel equivalent SK-2
Comes in plastic dispenser box

Code 302326CartPrice € 6.95
Safety Knife with stainless Blade made by NALBIE

These cutters by Nalbie feature a very simple construction, paired with excellent workmanship. The blade can be extended and retracted easily with one hand; and can be fastened into any position with a knurled screw.

The possibility to fasten the blade into any position from 0 to 42 mm makes this knife very versatile. For example: on a very short setting the knife can be used for opening boxes thus ensuring only the box and not the contents are cut.

The blade is rust-free. Changing the blade is easy – just loosen the knurled screw and tighten it again after the new blade is inserted. The blades can be sharpened.

Length with the blade retracted 128 mm
Weight 37 g

Code 302320CartPrice € 5.90

Pictures on the left from top to bottom:

  1. Blade extended like a cutter with trapezoid knife.
  2. Blade extended to max. 42 mm.
  3. Blade extended very short for opening of boxes without cutting the contents.
  4. Reverse side with slider for quick opening and closing.
  5. Diagram of features
Click pictures for enlargements!
Replacement Blades for NALBIE Safety Knife

stainless, Set of 10
Total length 85 mm
Max. visible edge length 42 mm

Code 302321CartPrice € 4.90

Safety knife "Hidden Edge" made by Starrett

This innovative knife keeps the blade safely tucked away when not in use, yet instantly available by simply releasing the safety lock and squeezing the lever to the knife body. Comes with 60 mm trapezoid blade.Description

Code 306570CartPrice € 13.90
Cutter blades 60 mm long
Cutter blades 60 mm long

Fits safety knife "Hidden Edge" and other cutters structurally identical. This long blade is thicker than the short and therefore suitable for rough work.

Thickness 0.6 mm
Box with 5 pieces

Code 306574CartPrice € 2.95
Cutter blades 50 mm long
Cutter blades 50 mm long

Fits safety knife "Hidden Edge" and other cutters structurally identical. For all jobs where low cutting depth is required.

Thickness 0.4 mm
Box with 10 pieces

Code 306573CartPrice € 1.90
Knife holster for safety knife "Hidden Edge"
Knife holster for safety knife "Hidden Edge"

To carry on belt.

Code 306571CartPrice € 9.90
BESSEY Bladed Jack-Knife with Wooden Handle

This useful folding knife uses a replaceable, and easy-to-find, 60 mm utility blade. An integrated blade storage box in the ABS-grip holds five spare blades. With the knife open, one flips up the blade locking lever and the blade is quickly and easily changed. The knife features a belt clip to allow you to keep the knife close to hand without having to hunt around in the tool box.

This knife does not have an integral spare blade box!

Other side with belt clip
Knife folded
For use with 60 mm Cutter blades

Code 317601CartPrice € 18.90
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