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INCRA Hingecrafter

INCRA Hingecrafter - METRIC Version
So you’ve designed and built the ultimate jewelry box or cabinet, and it is with some apprehension that you approach that final step, installing the hinges.

Metal hinges are a pain. Let’s face it. It’s not so much the hinge itself, it’s those darned brass screws. When you finally do get the pilot hole centered properly, the head of the screw is sure to twist right off during installation. It makes you wonder how many brass screw heads are actually glued instead of screwed in the hinge.

What’s the solution? Just combine your INCRA Positioner with the HingeCrafter drill guide and the results will be beautiful wooden hinges ready to glue right into your project. The metric version INCRA HingeCrafter makes 9.52 mm, 12.70 mm, 15.88 mm & 19.05 mm diameter hinges.

You now use the HingeCrafter along with your INCRA Positioner to make four different diameter hinges with our famous incremental accuracy.

As you see on the left, the HingeCrafter easily works with extra-length hinges. Between the four diameters and the many possible lengths with longer drill bits, you have hundreds of options for your next hinge based project.

Even extra long hinge lengths are easy with the INCRA HingeCrafter. Your only limit is twice the useable length of your drill bit. The included bit will make hinges well over 10" (250 mm) long.
Length of included bit 157 mm
Diameter of included bit 1/8 inch (3.2 mm)
An 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) brass pin is required to assemble the two halfes of the hinge blank.
Manual (PDF 4 MB)
Video (1 MB)
Manual in French Language (PDF)
Please read the important notes below before you buy the Metric HingeCrafter
Another notice: The holes are slightly smaller than the drill bit to insure that they are perfect when making the hinges (very important). So, first drill through all the mounted bushings. Video! (4 MB)
Code 314900CartPrice € 95.00
8-Piece Metric INCRA HingeCrafter Router Bit Set
consisting of:
4 straight bits:
10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm
4 radius bullnose bits:
3/8 inch = 9.52 mm Diameter (= 3/16" Radius)
1/2 inch = 12.7 mm Diameter (= 1/4" Radius)
5/8 inch = 15.88 mm Diameter (= 5/16" Radius)
3/4 inch = 19.05 mm Diameter (= 3/8" Radius)
Set comes in plastic box!
This is a specially packaged set of Whiteside router bits specifically for use with the Metric INCRA HingeCrafter. The quality of the router bits you use will be a big factor in the results you'll get, and American-made Whiteside bits are as good as you'll find. All bits are two-flute, carbide tipped models with 1/2 inch shank size.

Important note: The 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) shank does not fit common European routers with 12 mm chuck!

Each wooden hinge requires a full-radius bullnose bit to shape the hinge barrel and a similarly-sized straight bit to cut the mating halves of the hinge. This set contains all of the bits necessary to produce wooden hinges with 3/8" (9.52 mm), 1/2" (12.70 mm), 5/8" (15.88 mm), and 3/4" (19.05 mm) barrel diameters using the metric HingeCrafter and a metric Incra router fence system.

Please note that this set is NOT compatible with 1/32"-based INCRA systems or the standard imperial HingeCrafter. The bullnose bit sizes are shared with the imperial HingeCrafter, but the straight bits are metric in order to accommodate the spacing on metric-based INCRA fence positioners.

Code 314920CartPrice € 299.00

Important Notes for Using the Metric HingeCrafter

The HingeCrafter Metric is NOT compatible with imperial-based (1/32 inch) Positioners. Please note the following differences in the instructional content with respect to this Metric version.

Supplies (Manual Page 2)
The router bits required for this Metric version still include the Imperial bullnose cutters, as they must match the diameters of the existing drill bushings in order to properly locate the holes. These bullnose cutters, along with the required Metric Straight cutters for each size, are as listed below. When the instructions ask you to install or use the straight bit that matches the hinge barrel diameter, always use the pairings shown below.

3/8" = 9.52 mm Diameter (= 3/16" Radius) Bullnose use with 10 mm Straight Bit
1/2" = 12.7 mm Diameter (= 1/4" Radius) Bullnose use with 12 mm Straight Bit
5/8"= 15.88 mm Diameter (= 5/16" Radius) Bullnose use with 16 mm Straight Bit
3/4" = 19.05 mm Diameter (= 3/8" Radius) Bullnose use with 19 mm Straight Bit

We stock some of the above bullnose cutters with shank 12 mm! Of course the straight cutters too!

Currently we do not carry 1/8 inch brass pins.

Preparing your Wood Blanks (Manual Page 3)
When thickness planing your lumber as described on page 3, it is important that your stock thickness match the bullnose bit's dimensions. You can use the Metric equivalents shown in parentheses above.

Increasing the Hinge Leaf Length (Manual Page 5)
Set up as described (see Manual Fig. 9) using the straight cutter that should be paired with the bullnose cutter. Slide your Metric scale to a reading equal to your straight bit diameter as shown in manual Fig. 10. Make sure to lower your cutter so that the depth of cuts is half of the material thickness before making any cuts. Use overlapping side cuts as described, moving the fence back away from the cutter about 6 mm after each cut until you reach a scale eading of 32 mm.

Cutting the Hinge Knuckles (Manual Page 5)
Set up as described on Manual Page 5, then install the Fixed INCRAment Template that matches your straight bit diameter. The Metric Fixed INCRAment Templates required for use in cutting the knuckles are included with this kit. Template #26 includes markings for the 10 mm hinge (blue lines) and 12 mm hinge (red lines). Template #27 includes markings for the 16 mm hinge (blue lines) and 19 mm hinge (red lines).

Make hinges with the HingeCrafter in 8 steps

Prepare wood blanks
1. Prepare wood blanks
Bullnose first round
2. Bullnose first round
Bullnose second round
3. Bullnose second round
Increase hinge leaf length
4. Increase hinge leaf length
Cut hinge knuckles
5. Cut hinge knuckles
hinge knuckles
6. Drill hinge knuckles
Crosscut ends from blanks
7. Crosscut ends from blanks
Rip hinge to desired width
8. Rip hinge to desired width
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