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Glass and Tile Drill Bits

Glass and tile drill bits

Glass and tile drill bits

QuickBit Ceramicmaster glass and tile drill bits made by Heller

This glass and tile drill bit is both effective and affordable. It's just the ticket for critical materials. For drilling glass and soft ceramic materials. Rotary action only at low revs, never impact mode! If possible use a coolant! The hexagonal shank prevents the drill spinning in the chuck.

Diameter Total length CodePrice
4 mm 75 mm
Code 337003CartPrice € 4.95
7 mm 85 mm
Code 337007CartPrice € 5.95
13 mm 100 mm
Code 337010CartPrice € 9.95
14 mm 100 mm
Code 337011CartPrice € 9.95

Miyanaga tile drill bits

This professional tile drill bit from the Japanese manufacturer is provided with a sharp and durable tungsten-carbide tip. The special form of the tip is designed for smooth, precise drilling. Using a water coolant increases both the cutting performance and the tool life. For use in handheld power drills in rotary mode.

Diameter Total length Cutting length Miyanaga code CodePrice
3 mm 85 mm 42 mm Z030
Code 336400CartPrice € 9.90
3.5 mm 85 mm 42 mm Z035
Code 336403CartPrice € 9.90
4 mm 85 mm 50 mm Z040
Code 336405CartPrice € 9.90
5 mm 85 mm 50 mm Z050 Currently not in stock!
Code 336409Cart Price € 10.90
6 mm 100 mm 65 mm Z060
Code 336411CartPrice € 11.50
8 mm 125 mm 75 mm Z080
Code 336417CartPrice € 13.50
10 mm 150 mm 90 mm Z100
Code 336420CartPrice € 16.50
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