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ATOMA Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamond sharpening stones are, if one takes into account their strengths and weaknesses, a real alternative to wet grinding wheels and sharpening stones. Conventional sharpening stones sooner or later become hollowed with use, while diamond stones remain flat. One cannot flatten the back of a chisel or plane iron on a grinding wheel, but a diamond stone is ideal for the job. They are also ideal for removing lots of material, to grind out a notched edge, for instance. But for honing an edge, sharpening stones are much better, as the diamond stones can not be made with a fine enough grit for a really good edge.

Never use diamond stones dry. This is bad for the surface of the diamond stone, and will not sharpen well, either. Wet the sharpening surface before every use! You should also be careful not to put too much pressure on the surface when sharpening, and absolutely not near the edges of the plate, as this can deform the plate and scrape off the diamond coating. More...

We are very happy to offer you these diamond sharpening stones, the Atoma brand, by the Japanese manufacturer Tsuboman. The manufacturer is known for its high quality and technically refined products -- very important with this kind of product, as there is a wide difference in the quality and durability of the different diamond stones on the market. They are solid, without the large holes in the plate one often finds, which can catch smaller blades and do a lot of damage to the edge. Their surfaces are in general well made, flat with evenly distributed and precisely graded diamond chips. The chips themselves are exclusively monocrystaline diamonds, which are much more expensive than polycrystaline, and are more durable. They are fused to the plate using an electrolytic process.

Diamond Sharpening Plates Atoma Economy
The fact that these are called "economy" tools makes you worry that they are perhaps not made using the best materials. That is not the case. It has to do with the manufacturing process. Originally thick aluminum or steel plates were coated with diamond chips. This is expensive and the plates were very sensitive to mishandling. Tsuboman took this into account and decided for this line to make the plates out of 1 mm thick stainless steel coated with diamonds and then used a double-sided adhesive tape to fix the plate to a 10 mm thick flat-machined aluminum plate. This makes for a product relatively easy to manufacture, and when the diamond plate is worn out, one has only to buy a new one and re-glue it to the re-useable base plate. This also makes for a lighter stone, 600 grams against 1000 grams for the original solid steel plate, a real savings in weight. This method also makes for an unusually flat surface compared to other similarly-priced stones. We laid a number of these plates on a certified flat granite measuring stone, and a 0.04 mm feeler gauge would not fit under the sharpening plate. We cannot guarantee this level of flatness with every Atoma plate we sell, but we can say that they are generally astonishingly flat.
Sharpening Surface 210 x 75 mm
Total thickness 11.4 mm

Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 140 grit, Coarse
Code 321200CartPrice € 85.00

Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 400 grit, Medium
Code 321202CartPrice € 77.00

Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 600 grit, Fine
Code 321204CartPrice € 77.00

Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 1200 grit, Extra Fine
Code 321206CartPrice € 77.00
Replacement Diamond Sharpening Plates, Atoma Economy
These are made to replace the cutting surfaces of the Atoma diamond sharpening plates we sell above. But they can also be glued down to other backing plates of your choice. The backs are covered with strips of double-sided adhesive tape and glueing them down is easy and quick. The plates are made of 1 mm thick stainless steel, and with the tape the total thickness is 1.4 mm. Because the plates are so thin, you must take care when fixing them to a backing material, and the quality of the results depends a great deal on the flatness and stiffness of the backing plate you choose!
Sharpening Surface 210 x 75 mm

Replacement Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 140 grit, Coarse
Code 321201CartPrice € 69.00

Replacement Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 400 grit, Medium
Code 321203CartPrice € 60.00

Replacement Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 600 grit, Fine
Code 321205CartPrice € 60.00

Replacement Diamond Sharpening Plate Atoma, 1200 grit, Extra Fine
Code 321207CartPrice € 60.00
Diamond Sharpening Plates Atoma Sheets
These are very flexible, self-adhesive plates made of a copper foil coated with diamond chips. The total thickness is only 0.5 mm. They can be glued to surfaces in almost any shape, and also can be cut, with appropriate scissors to any shape you desire. They are useful for many different types of metal work. If they are used to sharpen tools, like chisels or knives for instance, one must be careful to avoid sticking an edge through the relatively fragile copper foil and damaging the surface. Do not sharpen in the direction of cutting edge or other sharp corners. The diamond coated foil comes in grits of 140 (coarse), 200 (semi-coarse), 400 (medium), 600 (fine), and 1200 (extra-fine).
Note: we do not have large quantities of the foil plates in stock!

Grit Dimensions in mm CodePrice
140 10 x 100
Code 321220CartPrice € 17.00
200 10 x 100
Code 321221CartPrice € 17.00
400 10 x 100
Code 321222CartPrice € 17.00
600 10 x 100
Code 321223CartPrice € 17.00
1200 10 x 100
Code 321224CartPrice € 17.00
140 50 x 100
Code 321230CartPrice € 39.00
200 50 x 100
Code 321231CartPrice € 39.00
400 50 x 100
Code 321232CartPrice € 39.00
600 50 x 100
Code 321233CartPrice € 39.00
1200 50 x 100
Code 321234CartPrice € 39.00
140 100 x 100
Code 321240CartPrice € 72.00
200 100 x 100
Code 321241CartPrice € 72.00
400 100 x 100
Code 321242CartPrice € 72.00
600 100 x 100
Code 321243CartPrice € 72.00
1200 100 x 100
Code 321244CartPrice € 72.00
140 100 x 200
Code 321250CartPrice € 129.00
200 100 x 200
Code 321251CartPrice € 129.00
400 100 x 200
Code 321252CartPrice € 129.00
600 100 x 200
Code 321253CartPrice € 129.00
1200 100 x 200
Code 321254CartPrice € 129.00
140 200 x 200
Code 321260CartPrice € 199.00
200 200 x 200
Code 321261CartPrice € 199.00
400 200 x 200
Code 321262CartPrice € 199.00
600 200 x 200
Code 321263CartPrice € 199.00
1200 200 x 200
Code 321264CartPrice € 199.00
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