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Daruma Hammers

Daruma Hammers

Daruma Hammers

The term Daruma hammer takes its origin from the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (Japanese: Daruma) and from the traditional Japanese Daruma doll that was modelled on his plump physique. In any event, the rotundity seems to have played a role in labelling this tool. A Daruma hammer is nothing but a club hammer that is used mainly for chiselling work. Its large striking face ensures increased accuracy when striking chisels and other cutting tools, something your fingers will be endlessly grateful for.

In Japan, Makoto Aida is a well-known hammersmith. Under his brand SHINZAN, which freely translated means "Deep Mountain", he produces carefully crafted hammers with heads that feature a so-called "tsuchime" pattern. With delicate blows of a hammer he creates a surface texture that is then polished. This results in a compelling finish with a usually brownish and sometimes bluish tinge. Selective hardening of the striking surfaces means that part of the recoil energy is absorbed by the somewhat softer core of the steel. You feel you’re working more effectively, also because less of the recoil energy makes its way back to the wrist joint. The handle is relatively short compared with the head size; this contributes to improved control during the striking action.

These hammer heads have one flat and one slightly convex striking face. Use one or the other face, depending on the job at hand.

The hammer is supplied with a handle made of white oak. Note that the hammer handles are fitted in the more humid climatic conditions of Japan. Our comparatively dryer climate can cause the wooden handle to shrink slightly and become loose. If this is the case, you need to refit the handle and possibly readjust the hammer head. The best way to do this is to knock the end of the handle onto a firm surface. Keep checking that the hammer head is at right angles to the handle and correct as necessary. Finally, drive the wedge at the top a bit further in with a hammer, if necessary. These hammers are hand-forged, so you may notice slight deviations in weight and dimensions.


Head weight Face diameter Head length Total length CodePrice
225 g 30 mm 52 mm 300 mm
Code 311832CartPrice € 109.00
225 g 32 mm 54 mm 300 mm
Code 311833CartPrice € 115.00
375 g 35 mm 60 mm 300 mm
Code 311834CartPrice € 129.00
460 g 37 mm 63 mm 300 mm
Code 311835CartPrice € 149.00
570 g 40 mm 69 mm 330 mm
Code 311836CartPrice € 159.00
675 g 43 mm 70 mm 330 mm
Code 311837CartPrice € 179.00
750 g 45 mm 73 mm 330 mm
Code 311838CartPrice € 199.00
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