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Japanese Woodworking Tools
Japanese Woodworking Tools
by Toshio Odate
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Many woodworkers have come to realise in recent years that the Japanese craftsman doesn't simply use tools, he has a relationship with them. Master craftsman Toshio Odate has written this unique guide to enable Western craftsmen to understand the ways in which Japanese tools are used and cared for. Saws, chisels, planes, plane irons, waterstones and many more Japanese tools are now used by Western craftsmen and this book will help you get the best from all of them as well as putting them into historical context. Rounded out by the author's reminiscences this book is 'tooljunkies delight'.
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Cool Tools
Cool Tools
Cooking Utensils from the Japanese Kitchen

by Kate Klippensteen, photographs by Yasuo Konishi, styling by Ori Koyama
112 pages, lots of color photographs, hardcover
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What do chefs use to grate wasabi, the eye-watering Japanese "horse radish"? To pick up the delicate cubes of tofu from boiling water? To cut those elegant slices of sashimi? Or scoop freshly steamed rice from the cooker?

Japanese cuisine is flourishing among the food-conscious all over the world—as are the recipe-laden cookbooks. Now, this book goes inside the kitchen, but this time into the cupboards and drawers, onto stovetops and wall hangers where all sorts of utensils, pots and pans are stored. Here are the items that are manipulated in the hands of the famous in their awe-inspiring kitchens—and the not-so-famous in their homes.

As with so many Japanese creations, the utensils that stock a Japanese kitchen are both functional and artistic. And the pieces that are the focus of this book are treated as both works of art and items of practical interest. The photography, by one of Japan's leading lensmen, celebrates the care in materials and design. The text, by a longtime columnist on Tokyo dining and entertaining, celebrates the history, the usage, the people behind these tools in brief, informative and entertaining entries.

This is a book for the professional chef and the curious amateur, a perfect addition to the well-stocked cookbook library.
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