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DUSS Hand Drills

DUSS Hand Drills

Which hand drill does a woodworker need? The requirements are so varied that basically, many different models could or should be considered. Good enough quality to provide consistent, wobble- and vibration-free drilling, and enough power to drill 40 mm holes without stressing the motor, should be considered basic criteria for most applications. In addition, portability and ease of use should also be given attention.

We have decided to add a hand drill from DUSS into our line of tools, because it easily meets these criteria. It is a quality tool built with the professional in mind. The sturdy build makes it a bit heavier than some comparable models. The 43 mm EUR standard neck allows it to be mounted on a drilling stand, and so can be used to do effective and exact work. The DUSS hand drill is made in Germany.

The hand drills we sell are intended for the German market. If you want to use them outside Germany please read this note for use of our hand drills outside Germany

DUSS Two-Speed Hand Drill B13-2RLE
Handy and adaptable, with a high torque output. Powerful and efficient, even when drilling large diameter holes.

• Small and large drill holes (1st/2nd gear)
• Installing screws (large included)
• Mixing and stirring viscous substances
• Working with a hole saw
• Removing paint and rust with a brush
• Polishing

Weight with chuck, additional side handle and cable appox. 2.8 kg
Leistungsaufnahme 650 W

Drill Stand NOT included!

Price includes:
Two-Speed Hand Drill B 13/2 RLE
Keyless chuck with locking screw
Side handle
Depth stop
Cable with plug
Code 300604CartPrice € 389.00

• High torque (45 Nm in 1st gear)
• High speed in 2nd gear
• Electronic speed control with full-wave electronic control system
• Rotary speed pre-selection with adjusting dial
• Ergonomic, clockwise/anticlockwise selector switch with switch lock
• High-strength magnesium gearcase
• Robust, heavy-duty drill spindle mounting

Technical data

Rated power 650 Watt
Screws up to Ø 12 mm
Set torque (1st gear) 45 Nm
Machine weight 1.9 kg
Drill spindle thread 1/2-20 UNF
Spindle collar Ø 43 mm
Chuck clamping capacity Ø 1.5-13 mm
Drill hole diameter in ↓ 1st gear 2nd gear
- Steel 16 mm 8 mm
- Softwood 40 mm 20 mm
- Lightweight materials (hole saw) 105 mm 50 mm
- Sand-lime brick and masonry with core bit 66 mm  
Rated speed (rpm) 0-450 0-1550
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