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Door and Panel Clamps from DUBUQUE
These bar clamps for doors and panels from DUBUQUE are true lightweights. The rails are extruded aluminium, the heads plus spindles are cast aluminium. With a material thickness of 3 mm, the sides of the rails are effectively protected against bending and twisting and stay straight under stress. The spring-loaded claw of the movable clamping head engages with the deep notches spaced 16 mm apart along the rail for a rock-steady grip. The movable heads slides readily along the rail. The half-inch spindle (12.7 mm) of the fixed clamping head has a travel of 37 mm. The smooth-turning large wing screw with a wing diameter of 88 mm makes for fast and efficient one-handed clamping. Made in the USA.

Opening Total
cross section
Clamping surface
height x width
Weight CodePrice
600 mm 800 mm 35 x 22 mm 41 x 40 mm 37 mm 920 g
Code 303430CartPrice € 29.90
900 mm 1100 mm 35 x 22 mm 41 x 40 mm 37 mm 1140 g
Code 303431CartPrice € 33.90
1200 mm 1400 mm 35 x 22 mm 41 x 40 mm 37 mm 1340 g
Code 303432CartPrice € 36.90
1800 mm 2000 mm 35 x 22 mm 41 x 40 mm 37 mm 1780 g
Code 303434CartPrice € 43.90

Note: The 45° angle attachment of the three-part extension set no. 303410 can be attached to the fixed clamping head of this bar clamp for bonding panels at 45°. However, this angle attachment CANNOT be fitted to the movable clamping head!
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