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Knot Remover

Knot remover and patching tool,
in diameters from 5 mm - 25 mm (3/16 inch - 1 inch)

Knot Remover and Patching Tool

Knots and other defects in diameters ranging from 5 mm (3/16 inch) to 25 mm (1 inch) can be removed and patched with this tool! The special drill bit removes the defect, and leaves a conical hole. The dowel pointer, which looks and works like an oversize pencil sharpener, is used to sharpen the round stock to fit the hole. The finished stock is then driven into the hole. Due to the conical shape of the drill bit, you control the size of the hole. Made by Star-M in Japan.

The tool offers various possibilities: not only can you choose the kind of wood to be used to patch the defect, you don't have to use factory-made dowels; other stock, even tree branches of suitable size will do! You can also determine the shape of the patch merely by angling the bit as you drill.

Video - in Japanese language - but the pictures are selfexplanatory!

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This high-quality knot remover and patching set is suitable for removal and plugging of knots from 5 mm (3/16 inch) to 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter. The pointing tool resembles an oversize pencil sharpener, measuring approximately 120 x 56 x 44 mm (5 inch x 2 inch x 1-3/4 inch) and weighs approximately 1.1 lb (530 g). Shaft diameter is 10 mm (3/8 inch); a 1/2 inch drill is required.


Drill out the knot with the appropriate conical bit. The angle at which the drill is held controls the shape of the hole.


The ring contained in the set serves as a gauge to help you to determine the maximum diameter of the branch or dowel used to fill the hole.


Chuck the pointing tool into your drill and sharpen the branch or dowel that you intend to use into a cone. Note: When sharpening the branch or dowel, either the drill or the wood must be securely held, e.g., in a drill stand, clamp, vise, etc. (never in your hand!). If the drill is held, in a drill stand or other fixture, feed the workpiece into the pointing tool slowly and with light pressure. The workpiece must be left long enough so that it can be comfortably gripped.


Cut the pointed piece to suitable length, coat it with glue, and insert it into the hole that you've drilled.


Cut off the excess with a handsaw. A Japanese Kugihiki dowel saw, the teeth of which have either no set, or are set only on one side, will make the cleanest cut; follow with light planing and sanding, as needed.

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