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Flattening Stones (Truing Stones, Lapping Plates), Silicon Carbide Powder

Flattening Stones (Truing Stones), Silicon Carbide Powder
→ to flatten Waterstones

A sharpening stone flattening block is used to dress stones that are no longer flat enough to sharpen properly. A flat stone is indispensable for effective sharpening, especially with flat blades like chisels and plane irons. To quickly flatten a stone, one simply moves it over the surface of the flattening block with a circular or back and forth movement. A steel flattening block should be used only with Silicon carbide powder. A Silicon carbide flattening block can be used without powder but you can speed up the process still further when you sprinkle a little Silicon carbide powder onto the block. The latter method is strongly recommended for hard stones i. e. the Shaptons. But if one uses the powder, the sharpening stone must be thoroughly washed with water afterwards.

Small NANIWA Flattening Stone These small flattening stones are less comfortable than the large types. You need more experience and more effort to achieve a good result with this smaller flattening surface.
Size 170 x 55 x 30 mm
Weight 0.5 kg

Small NANIWA Flattening Stone Grain Size 220
recommended for all waterstones
Code 313207CartPrice € 17.90
Large NANIWA Flattening Stone for Sharpening Stones (Truing Stone) These large flattening stones are ideal for flattening the surface of sharpening stones that have had a hollow or groove worn in them. A flat stone is vital for a good sharpening job. Naniwa flattening stones are made of silicon carbide. More ...
Size 300 x 150 x 20 mm (12 x 6 x 3/4 inch)
Weight 2.4 kg (5 lb)

Large NANIWA Flattening Stone Grain Size 220
recommended for all waterstones
Code 313202CartPrice € 49.90
JUUMA Flattening Stones With these comfortably sized flattening stones, you can very quickly resurface hollowed sharpening stones so that they are flat and true again. In contrast to the other flattening stones we offer above, which are made of silicon carbide, these stones are made of aluminum oxide, which is a sharper, more abrasive material and cuts faster than the silicon carbide. To increase the dimensional stability of these stones, manganese is added, and this is why they are pink. To keep these blocks flat, you can rub two of them together, even in different grain sizes.
Made in Japan.
Size 240 x 100 x 32 mm
Weight 1.7 - 1.8 kg

JUUMA Flattening Stone Grain Size 120
recommended for stones with grain size 120 - 6000
Code 330514CartPrice € 85.00

JUUMA Flattening Stone Grain Size 220
recommended for all waterstones
Code 330517CartPrice € 86.00
SHAPTON Lapping Plate Naoru for re-flattening Waterstones This water stone correction plate made of steel flattens all waterstones. It comes with 2 bottles of silicon carbide powder coarse and medium. The plate has grooves to take the slurry. This is the Japanese Market Version. More ...
Size 247 x 99 x 25 mm (9-3/4 x 4 x 1 inch)
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lb)
Code 310996CartPrice € 159.00
SHAPTON Correction Powder for Lapping Plate These Abrasives are used in conjunction with lapping plates or truing stones to flatten water stones quickly.Which powder for my stones?

Correction Powder Grit 120
(coarse, Silicon Carbide)
Content 190 g
Code 310990CartPrice € 21.70
Base price € 114.21 per kg

Correction Powder Grit 180
(medium, Silicon Carbide)
Content 190 g
Code 310991CartPrice € 21.70
Base price € 114.21 per kg

Correction Powder Grit 4000
(super fine, Aluminum Oxide)
Content 100 g
Code 310992CartPrice € 36.50
Base price € 365.00 per kg
Silicon Carbide Powder (Correction Powder) in conjunction with a steel plate for flattening the back side of chisels and plane blades. To flatten a hollow stone, use wet-or-dry sandpaper, placing it wet on a plate of glass or other plane surface, where it will cling, add silicon carbide powder and you will double the speed of the work. Also useful when re-flattening stones on our flattening stone! Content 150 g.

Correction Powder coarse, Grit 60
Code 109025CartPrice € 4.50
Base price € 30.00 per kg

Correction Powder medium coarse, Grit 120
Code 109026CartPrice € 4.50
Base price € 30.00 per kg

Correction Powder medium fine, Grit 180
Code 109027CartPrice € 4.50
Base price € 30.00 per kg

Correction Powder fine, Grit 400
Code 109028CartPrice € 6.50
Base price € 43.34 per kg

SHAPTON Diamond Flattening Plate
for Whetstones and Plane Blades KUBO K0799
This is the most versatile and useful flattening and sharpening block available on the market today. It is two-side: the side with the deep grooves (top photo) is for flattening sharpening stones, and the side with small perforations is designed to flatten the backs of plane irons, chisels and similar tools. A part of this side (70 x 48 mm) is unperforated, so that one can also work very small tools, because they might hang up or tip in the perforated section. This Shapton Diamond-Flattening block is the only one designed to work on both stones and also for planes, chisels and other blades.

Enlarged photo of the side for flattening waterstones
Enlarged photo of the side for flattening plane blades and chisels
Flattening plate stored in rubber box

The two-part heavy rubber box serves both as a slip-proof base for the plate in use, and can also be used as a holder for any other waterstone.
The plate should only be used with water!
Detailed instructions
Size including gum box 266 x 93 x 37 mm
Diamond-surface 242 x 70 mm
Weight 3 kg
Code 310997CartPrice € 539.00
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