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Circle Cutter 30 - 300 mm - Instructions

circle cutter

With this circle cutter you cut clean holes in European hardwood, all softwoods, plywood and chipboard. For all circles larger than 70 mm use a drill press and clamp the workpiece. For circles smaller than 70 mm you can use a hand drill, if the workpiece is clamped and you are standing on secure ground (no ladder). When starting, make sure to contact the cutting blades gradually and slowly on the object to be bored. Abrupt contact of the blades on the boring object can give shock to your hands.

Be sure to check all the hex-screws are tightly screwed in before you start boring. When boring by power drill, 1000 R.P.M. or less is desirable.

In case of thick wood use the drill insert. In case of thin wood use the the tip insert.

Set the two blade holders at the desired graduation on the measure bar by tightly screw in the hexnuts.

Correct: Blades cut inside and outside
Correct: Blades cut inside and outside Wrong: Blades cut only inside Wrong: Blades cut only outside

Set both blades as shown in figure A.

cutting thicker material
When cutting thicker material up to 50 mm, use the circle cutter from one side and then start boring again from the other side.
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