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Set-up Blocks

Set-up Blocks

Veritas Set-up Blocks Metric

Setting up machines in the shop can be a frustrating and inaccurate undertaking. Tape measures and rulers are difficult to use when measuring gaps between curved bits and guide fences. Worse, machines often require two hands to adjust, leaving nothing to hold the measuring tool. The Veritas set-up blocks help solve this problem. Simply place the appropriate block or combination of blocks between the fence and bit or blade and adjust accordingly.

The nine-piece metric version set includes three vinyl shims (two 0.5 mm and one 1 mm thick), 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm and 16 mm thick aluminum blocks (a second 16 mm thick block is included to simplify 32 mm spacing) and a 25 mm x 50 mm x 75 mm steel block.

The shims and aluminum blocks are accurate to within 0.05 mm and are 50 mm long; the steel block is accurate to 0.018 mm. Combined, the set allows stacking from 0.5 mm to 123 mm in 0.5 mm increments.

Supplied in a hard-shell plastic case with dividers to protect the pieces.

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