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Scrub Planes and Jack Planes with single Iron

Scrub Planes with single Iron

Scrub planes were used before the invention of machine planing to do the first rough planing of a sawn board. The rear and underside of antique furniture, dating from before the industrial revolution, will often have on them the marks of the rounded iron of the scrub plane.
Today, the scrub plane’s usefulness is often overlooked. It can help later work to go much faster, by using it to take shavings thoroughly and quickly from boards or laths with a bow in them. Scrub planes will also give a much more interesting rustic effect than you can get with a mechanical texturing brush, and without all the noise and dust. Though the sole of the scrub plane is straight, the iron is curved. The cutting angle is 45°. The width of the blade is 33 mm (1-1/4 inch), the length of the body 240 mm (9-1/2 inch). The body is made of red beech.

ECE Scrub Plane

Sole: hornbeam
Body: beech
Maker's number 106S
Blade width 33 mm

Code 301050CartPrice € 65.00

Replacement Blade
Code 301210CartPrice € 20.90
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