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Tailor’s Shears

Tailor’s Shears

Tailor’s Shears from Japan

To truly appreciate the extraordinary qualities of these tailor's shears in cutting various fabrics, you have to tried them! They fall readily to hand, are absolutely smooth in operation, are very sharp, and easily cut even the most stubborn materials. We offer one model in high-grade laminated Aogami carbon steel, and one in stainless steel.

Japanese tailor's shears made of Aogami steel

These scissors from the Yoshioka Hamono smithy in Ono exhibit the typical form of Western tailor’s shears, but have an eye-catching black forged finish. This, together with the removable brass pivot bolt, is striking evidence of their Japanese pedigree. A beautiful pair of scissors!

Overall length 250 mm
Blade length 102 mm
Black finish
Aogami carbon steel – not stainless!

Code 312103CartPrice € 95.00
Tailor’s shears made of stainless steel

Overall length 240 mm
Blade length 105 mm
Blue handles and polished blades

Code 312100CartPrice € 219.00
Tailor’s shears made of carbon steel

Overall length 240 mm
Blade length 105 mm
Black handles
Carbon steel – not stainless!

Code 312101CartPrice € 119.00
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