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PICARD Machinist’s Hammer

PICARD Machinist’s Hammer

PICARD machinist’s hammers with 3-component handle

These machinist’s hammers from Picard with heads made from Picard specialty steel come with an innovative 3-component handle. The fibreglass core is encased in a solid plastic handle with a rubberized gripping surface. The hammer won’t slip in your hand and there's absolutely no risk of the handle becoming detached. Made in Germany.

Head weight Total weight Face size Total length CodePrice
300 g 500 g 18 x 18 mm 302 mm
Code 302970CartPrice € 16.50
400 g 580 g 20 x 20 mm 305 mm
Code 302971CartPrice € 18.50
600 g 820 g 24 x 24 mm 325 mm
Code 302972CartPrice € 21.50
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