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Wooden Push Sticks

Push Stick, Push Block

Wooden Push Stick with Magnetic Holder
A push stick is indispensable for all circular table saws when is comes to sawing narrow lengths of wood. In Germany, in fact, the use of a push stick is mandatory whenever the workpiece is less than 120 mm wide. Thanks to the magnetic holder the push stick is always within reach, because it can be attached to the metal legs or the housing of the table saw. Hardly surprising, push sticks are wear parts, so to be on the safe side always have more than one in reserve.
Dimensions 460 x 70 x 10 mm

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A smart heel hook system engages with the trailing edge of the board that is about to be passed through the machine. The hooks drop down automatically when they are free to do so. The hooks retract into the base plate when in contact with the top of the board. The hooks can also be locked in retracted position.

The non-slip soft plastic knobs on the underside of this push block provide greater safety compared with flat-bottomed push blocks. Suitable for surface planers and circular table saws. The 185 mm long knobbed contact surface makes sure the workpiece can be pushed down securely onto the saw table.
Total length 230 mm
Total width 89 mm

Important safety note:
Under no circumstances must you remove any of a machine’s own safety devices in order to accommodate this push block. Guards or protective bridges on planers and splitters or riving knives and safety hoods on circular table saws are important safety devices and must not be dismantled.
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