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Pebaro Fret Saws, Fret Saw Tables

Pebaro Fret Saws, Fret Saw Tables

When you are looking for a large sawframe, Pebaro is the first choice.

Pebaro sawframes come without blades! Blades you find here:
Blitz, Tornado and Finis fretsaw blades
Pegas fretsaw blades

Fret saw frame PEBARO Automatic
This fret saw by Pebaro eliminates the fiddly business when changing blades. The handle folds down and relaxes the tension on the blade. The two levers turn 360 degrees to release the old blade, you pop the new one in, and the levers are retightened to clamp it firmly in place. The handle is then pivoted back to tension the blade. You can adjust the position of the levers to keep the saw’s throat clear by pulling them straight out, which disengages them from the tensioning screws. Manufactured in Germany! Instructions and notes for lefthanders
Height of bow 335 mm (13 inch)
for fret saw blades 130 mm (5 inch)
Comes without blades!
Code 301810CartPrice € 23.50

Replacement Lever
suitable only for Fretsaw Frame PEBARO Automatic
Code 301811CartPrice € 2.75
Fret saw table with 2 clamps
Made of beech. With two clamps to provide a much firmer base for working than other models with just one. Also called "v-board" or "birdsmouth board".
Size 220 x 90 x 15 mm (8-5/8 x 3-1/2 x 5/8 inch)
Max. thickness of table 40 mm (1-1/2 inch)
Material cross section of clamp 13 x 5 mm
Code 301812CartPrice € 8.95
Fret saw table with 1 clamp
Made of beech
Size 170 x 65 x 10 mm (6-5/8 x 2-1/2 x 3/8 inch)
Max. thickness of table 43 mm (1-5/8 inch)
Material cross section of clamp 13 x 4 mm
Code 301813CartPrice € 3.95
Fret saw table with 1 clamp opening 95 mm
The large opening allows fixing on thicker tables and workbenches
Made of beech
Size 220 x 80 x 18 mm
Max. thickness of table 95 mm
Material cross section of clamp 18 x 6 mm
Code 301816CartPrice € 6.75
Fret saw table without clamp
Most fret saw tables come supplied with clamps that may not open enough to accommodate the existing worktop thickness. By contrast, this fret saw table can be fixed to worktops of any thickness using a standard clamp, as long as the clamp's pressure plate is not wider than 20 mm.
Made of beech
Size approx. 220 x 87 x 12/30 mm
The slot for the clamp is 21 mm wide and 22 mm deep.
Code 328451CartPrice € 8.90
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