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Musical Saws

Musical Saws

You cannot saw with these instruments, but you can make music.

A note on the finish of blade and handle of these saws: The manufacturers of these saws primarily produce saws for woodwork and create these musical saws as a specialty product. Due to the coarser production process for woodworking saws, the blades sometimes show some small scratches, and the varnish of the handle is not always perfect. This should be accepted when ordering a musical saw.

We are sorry, but we do not carry violin bows.

Musical Saw Stradivarius See maintenance instructions on the bottom of this page!
Blade length 770 mm
Total length 875 mm
Blade width 50 - 180 mm
Blade thickness 1.1 mm
Code 302623CartPrice € 119.00
Feldmann's Singende Säge (Feldmann's Musical Saw) his Musical Saw comes with longer, thinner and more flexible blade. Made in Germany.
Blade length 960 mm
Total length 1040 mm
Blade width 40 - 180 mm
Blade thickness 0.8 mm
Code 302613CartPrice € 199.00
Our customer Nikos G., Athens wrote:
I bought a Feldman and a Baccho (Stradivarius) saw last year (2009) from you. There are both excellent saws but Feldman is the best musical saw instrument i ever played!! I send you a video from youtube with me playing a difficult song with your Feldman so you can watch it.
Also my teacher, Elly Deliou, an old lady used to play feldman (1935's) here is a video with her.

How to keep the musical saw clean and free of rust:

These saws are not stainless steel. Using stainless steel would spoil the sound. Hand sweat is the enemy of these saws. It will leave ugly black marks on the saw in a very short time. So one must, as with many other musical instruments, wipe the saw down after use with a dry cotton cloth. It is also good to oil the steel, especially if the saw is to be stored for any period of time. Put a couple of drops of a light oil (like sewing machine oil) on a cotton cloth and wipe the blade down with it. Avoid storing the saw in damp or unheated areas. If the saw blade should become marked, one must simply live with it. Regular oiling will tend to reduce the visibility of the marks. But do not use any kind of abrasive material or metal polish on the blade!

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