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Adhesive-backed Plastic Measuring Tape

Adhesive-backed Plastic Measuring Tape

Adhesive-backed measuring tapes are indispensable in any workshop. Aside from the normal applications on machines, applying one to a workbench top can be convenient because you always know where they are. For occasional use, the plastic tapes are adequate. But in shops that get a lot of use, the steel tapes are well worth the extra money.

Before ordering please check the reading direction you need. We carry rules to read from left to right and rules to read from right to left!
Adhesive-backed Plastic Measuring Tapes Black figures against a yellow field make these flexible, adhesive-backed plastic measuring tapes easy to read. They are ideal for all kinds of work benches, cutting tables, or any application where it would be useful to have a fixed measuring tape. The tape can be cut easily with scissors to any desired length. Important Advice: Be careful when gluing the band down to a surface. Clean the surface carefully: it must be absolutely clean, especially of any grease or oil.

Accuracy: material-dependent the accuracy is not very high. Deviation of 1 - 3 mm over the whole length of the tape can happen. If you need higher accuracy please select the steel measuring tapes further down on this page.

metric left - right
metric right - left

To read
Length Graduation Width/
left to right 1200 mm mm 13 x 0.3 mm
Code 300180CartPrice € 3.95
50+ items each € 3.16
right to left 1200 mm mm 13 x 0.3 mm
Code 300185CartPrice € 3.95
50+ items each € 3.16
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